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How To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell

How To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell
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Homeowners everywhere are installing Ring doorbells for an extra layer of security. However, there may be instances when you need to bypass or sneak past your Ring Doorbell. Whether you need to surprise your family or guests, avoid someone’s evil intentions, or don’t want to be detected by the security system.

Key Solution Points:

A. Hiding your face by using a scarf or face mask

  • Wear a hoodie or hat
  • Use a scarf or face mask

B. Avoiding motion detection

  • Move slowly and deliberately
  • Take advantage of blind spots

C. Disabling the doorbell temporarily

  • Use a wifi jammer
  • Disconnect the doorbell’s power source

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8 Ways To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell

Temporarily Disable Ring Doorbell Motion Detection

If you have access to your ring app through your smartphone, you can temporarily block motion detection which enables you to sneak past your Ring doorbell.

Thankfully, Ring makes it possible to temporarily disable motion detection on your Ring doorbell for up to 4 hours, at which you will automatically start receiving alerts again. Now, walk through all the steps to temporarily disable motion detection on your device.

  • Launch the Ring app on your iOS or Android device which will land on your Ring home screen.
Launch the Ring app
  • Tap the ‘Menu’ icon which will be displayed on your screen.
Tap the ‘Menu
  • Now, tap ‘Devices’ in the Menu.
tap ‘Devices’
  • A list of your Ring devices will be shown. Now, tap the Ring device which you want to disable motion detection for.
list of your Ring devices
  • The information screen for that device will be shown.
  • Tap Motion Snooze.
Motion Snooze
  • Now, Adjust the toggle to the amount of time, you want to temporarily disable your Ring doorbell motion notification.
  • This toggle allows you to disable motion detection for as low as 30 minutes and up to 4 hours. Tap save snooze settings.
save snooze
  • You will be returned to the information screen for your Ring doorbell where you will see the Motion Detection is turned off.
  • Your Ring doorbell notifications will automatically be enabled after this time period.
motion alerts
  • If you decide that you want to turn notifications back on prior to your defined end time, you can do so by tapping “Motion snooze” and then tap “Disable Motion snooze”.

Use The Silent Mode

The Ring Doorbell comes with a silent mode feature that allows you to disable the doorbell chime. When this mode is activated, the doorbell will still send alerts to your phone, but it won’t make any noise.

This feature is useful when you need to sneak past your door undetected. You can turn on the silent mode by going to the Ring app, selecting “Device Settings,” and clicking on “Doorbell Kit Settings.” The outside doorbell will not make noise anymore so when somebody walks outside or something pushes the button, it doesn’t make any noise.

Cover The Doorbell

If you don’t want to disable motion detection or silent mode, you can cover the Ring Doorbell with a piece of tape or cloth. This will prevent the device from detecting motion or ringing the doorbell when someone approaches the door. However, you need to be careful not to obstruct the camera lens, which may affect the device’s functionality.

Cut The Power

If you have got a Ring plug-in camera or hardwired doorbell, it works well. Because you have a switch on the wall and you can switch it off which will stop all the power to your Ring device.

This won’t work if you have a Ring battery model such as a Ring stick-up cam battery or Ring doorbell 1, 2 that’s not hardwired. But, it will work well with an actual plugged-in or hardwired.

You can either power off your switch or you can flip the main board switch to shut down your Ring devices without affecting other electric devices in your home.


Turn off Ring Internet

Cut the internet access to your Ring device. This is quite a nice solution because Ring doorbells don’t have local storage. So when they record a video, they have to transmit or upload that data to Ring’s servers. Otherwise, it is lost forever.

There is no need to turn off your router to avoid internet disruption to all your devices. For this, you need to have a main router in your living room and then you can buy a second router that will act as a wifi extender. It will have its own wi-fi key and password.

Your second router will act as your Ring network source router and the router in your living room will serve as the main wi-fi router for all your home devices.

If you want to sneak past your Ring doorbell, you can simply pick this option and it works well without affecting any other device in your home.

Privacy Zones

  • First, go into your Ring app.
  • Tap on the Camera’s field of view.
  • Here, you can actually draw a black box around a specific area.

This feature is designed so that if your camera is overlooking your neighbor’s property, now, the video will not record that specific zone area. There won’t be any motion detection in that area.

When you go out and you want to sneak past your Ring camera, you can simply draw this black box in that walk-through and put it back when you come into your home. So, no recording will be available during this time via Ring camera.

  • First of all, launch the Ring app.
  • Go into your device and click on Device Settings.
Device Settings
  • Now, tap on Privacy Zones.
Privacy Zones
  • Here you can add your privacy zone.
add your privacy zone
  • Now, you can set a black box in your chosen area.
black box

You will see your Ring camera preview as seen below.

Ring camera preview

Disable Motion Zone

To disable a motion zone in Ring, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app on your mobile device and select the device you want to modify.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select “Motion Zones.”Tap on the zone you want to disable.
  • Toggle the switch to turn off the motion zone.
  • Confirm your selection by tapping “Save” in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the motion zone you disabled will no longer trigger alerts or 24/7 recordings.

Use The Shared User Feature

If you have a trusted friend or family member who has access to your Ring Doorbell, you can ask them to disable the device temporarily.

Ring Doorbell allows users to share access with up to two other users. You can add a shared user by going to the Ring app, selecting “Users,” and clicking on “Add User.”

You can also change its username and password once your mission has been to avoid any negative use of it.

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Why you might want to sneak past Ring doorbell

There could be a few reasons why someone might want to sneak past a Ring doorbell. Here are a few possible scenarios:

Privacy Concerns

Some people might feel uncomfortable with the idea of being constantly monitored by a Ring and this Ring’s recording can be viewed on TV or mobile

Security Concerns

On the other hand, some individuals may want to avoid being seen by a Ring doorbell for security reasons.


In some cases, people might want to sneak past a Ring doorbell to surprise someone on the other side of the door.

Avoid Disturbance

Lastly, some individuals may want to sneak past a Ring doorbell to avoid disturbing the occupants of the home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable motion detection permanently on my Ring Doorbell?

Yes, you can turn off motion detection permanently on your Ring Doorbell, but this may compromise your home’s security.

Is it legal to sneak past a Ring doorbell?

While it’s not illegal to avoid being seen or recorded by a Ring doorbell, it’s important to note that any illegal activity such as trespassing or breaking and entering is not allowed.

Are there any legal consequences for using a WiFi jammer to disable a Ring doorbell?

Using a WiFi jammer to disable a Ring doorbell or any other wireless device is illegal in most countries and can result in legal consequences. It can also cause interference and disrupt network communication for other users in the area. It is important to avoid any illegal activities that can harm others.

How do I bypass Ring ownership?

  • Open your Ring app.
  • Now, tap on the Menu icon (Three lines)
  • Select your device
  • Click Device settings > General Settings
  • Select Remove This Device.

Can you trick a Ring doorbell?

If you don’t take precautionary measures, your Ring device can be controlled by unknown criminals who may accuse you of false reports and charges.

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