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Roomba Error 15 | How To Fix in Seconds

Roomba Error 15
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Roomba is an AI Robot vacuum cleaner that cleans through an advanced mapping system of your home. But, Roomba may get into minor troubleshooting errors which stop Roomba during its cleaning cycle.

When my Roomba was cleaning my room, I noticed it was giving Error 15. Upon researching, I found that Roomba Error 15 is basically an issue in the internal navigational system which was not letting my vacuum communicate with its Home Base or App.

What is Roomba Error 15

Roomba error 15 is usually due to a blockage of the iRobot app connection with Roomba which is due to nominal issues in its internal components, Network misconfiguration, or Power supply in the battery.

Causes and Fixes of Roomba Error 15


  • An internal software issue
  • Obstruction or thick wall between the Roomba and its Home Base.
  • Network error which may be due to an issue with your Wi-Fi router or low connectivity
  • Battery failure resulting in power supply gaps


  • Press Clean Once and try to restart it.
  • Check your Network and Wi-Fi router
  • Try to close the app forcefully and then relaunch the iRobot app.
  • Try Rebooting and Factory Reset

How To Resolve Roomba Error 15 | Must Try Fixes

Restart Your Roomba

If you face an error 15 anytime, you must first try Restarting your Roomba. It is just a refreshment for an electric robot device that resolves unknown errors multiple times.

Press Clean on your Roomba device to restart the cleaning process. Now, Roomba will retry to locate its position and reconnect with its Home Base to continue its cleaning routine. Restart also resolves Error 11 which is an issue in the motor of Roomba

Note: This simple fix is neglected by so many people who try to implement complicated solutions and also contact technicians which is not always wise. But, it removes any potential system errors.

Force close the iRobot App

You must have used this simple troubleshooting method to restart the software which works quite well. So, close the app forcefully from your mobile which will remove temporary data caches from the RAM and resolve error 15.

Note: This approach is important because Roomba is operated by the iRobot app which may face temporary glitches.

For Android:

  • Swipe up from the bottom, 
  • Hold the app and then let go. 
  • Swipe up on the iRobot app. 

For iPhone:

  • From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • Pause in the middle of the screen. 
  • Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close. 
  • Swipe up on the iRobot app’s preview to close the app.
Force close the iRobot App

Reboot Your Roomba

It is a very useful and powerful method to get Roomba working again. Most electronic devices work properly when they are rebooted after any issue with them. Because sometimes, there may be a software malfunction that is stopping the device to work properly.

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For S and I series models:

  • First of all, press Clean and hold it for about 20 seconds until the white LED starts spinning wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, let the Roomba turn on and check if it is working properly.

For 700, 800, and 900 series:

  • First of all, press Clean and hold it for about 20 seconds until you hear a beep.
  • Now, let the Roomba turn on and your device will be rebooted.
  • Clean Roomba Apartment Completely


Check Wi-Fi Connection

Usually, Roomba errors are not resolved just due to a problem in your Wi-Fi router which you can check by following the method below.

  • Type in the Search Bar.
  • Now, search Default username and password of your network under the router.
  • If QoS service is enabled, turn it off right now.
  • Make sure that Firewall is not blocking your internet connection.

Reconnect Your Roomba to Wi-Fi

Most of the time, devices working with the internet get into some glitches which are resolved only by disconnecting the device and reconnecting it again with your internet connection.

For Roomba S, I, and 900 series

  • Press and hold the Home, Clean, and Spot Clean buttons simultaneously.
  • The light around the clean button will start spinning. So, you can leave buttons.
  • The Roomba will restart itself.

For 800 and 600 series Roombas:

  • Press and hold the Home, Clean, and Spot Clean buttons simultaneously.
  • Upon Roomba’s beeping, release the buttons.
Reconnect your Roomba to wifi

Connect Your Roomba To Wi-Fi

  1. Open the iRobot app on your Phone
  2. Select your Roomba model and click ‘Get Started
Select your Roomba model and click ‘Get Started’
  1. Enter your Wi-Fi password here in the app.
Enter your Wi-Fi password
  1. Now, press these two buttons for almost two seconds.
 press two buttons
  1. You will notice that the Wi-Fi icon will be blinking which indicates that it is ready.
 Wi-Fi icon will be blinking
  1. Now, tap on ‘Connect’ to allow your phone.
  1. You can name your Roomba device and tap on ‘Continue’ to restart the process and it will resolve error 15, Hopefully!
name your Roomba device

Revert Your Smart Map to an Older Version

Maybe you have upgraded your Roomba app and with the updation of all maps and other customizations, Roomba doesn’t work well with iRobot’s new version.

  • First, revert your Smart Map to a previous version by following the steps mentioned below.
  • First, go into your History of iRobot app.
  • Now, view your Clean Map™ reports. Simply, find a map you like from a previous cleaning job.
  • Select the overflow menu in the top right corner.
  • Select “Update Smart Maps” to complete this process.
Revert Your Smart Map to an Older Version

Remap your home

  • First, try remapping your home
  • Make sure that you delete all of your Smart Maps
  • Now, start a new one which you can do so by viewing the maps you’d like to delete.
  • Tap the three (3) horizontal dots icon, and then choose “Delete map
Remap your home

Factory Reset

It means that you are about to start a brand-new cleaner that has no maps, no settings, and no customizations. It will remove all of your data saved. But, it has worked in many similar cases, So I recommend it to everyone if they have not got rid of the error after implementing the above fixes.

  • Go to the iRobot Home app.
  • Click on Settings > Factory Reset.
  • Click on Prompt to continue Factory Reset.
Factory Reset

I would recommend performing this step necessary because it had also helped in resolving a major error when Roomba Clean button is not working.

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Contact Support

If you have tried all the approaches mentioned above and you are unable to find the solution, this indicates that the problem is in your device by the factory. You must contact the Official Roomba Support

They will surely guide you to the best and resolve your problem. You can also ask them about your device warranty and they will happily exchange the necessary accessory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Roomba needs a new battery?

If your Roomba is not getting power or it is not charging when it is on Doc, it may need a replacement battery. Usually, 400 cleaning cycles ( 2-4 years ) are done by Roomba.

Will Roomba work in the dark?

Roomba is an AI robot vacuum that programs through infrared radiation which works well in the presence of light. If there is darkness, Roomba won’t perform well and it will not detect objects easily.

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