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Alexa won’t Stop Music | Fix instantly

Alexa won’t Stop Music
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Alexa is a virtual assistant technology that works on speech commands and performs our daily routine work on our single voice command. But, sometimes, it just gets out of control and stuck in a loop of non-stop music playing which may be due to an error or command troubleshooting problem.

Usually, in this problem, none of your relative commands works as mentioned:

  • Alexa stop
  • Alexa stop playing music

Here, we will discuss simple ways to keep your Alexa silent when it doesn’t stop playing music.

Use Precise Commands:

Make sure that you are saying the correct voice command to Alexa. Sometimes, Alexa doesn’t understand what to perform depending on the task which is currently running by Alexa.

Let’s suppose, if music is playing through Alexa, Don’t ask Alexa to stop, rather you should use a more specific command.


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  • Alexa Stop the music.


  • Alexa Stop playing music.


  • Alexa stop playing [Song Name]

Some People Also face Errors with Amazon Alexa stops playing music. You can Fix Alexa stops playing Music. or Alexa Won’t Play Spotify

Update Your Devices

Many electronic and digital devices run into problems when they are not updated. So, update all your connected devices like your Smartphone, Amazon Alexa App, and Echo device. This has also been recommended by the official Amazon team members.

Echo (4th Gen)

premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa

Echo (4th Gen)

How to update firmware of Amazon Alexa Echo dot

  • Ask Alexa, to check for Updates
  • It will take some time and in this time of about 30 minutes, it won’t be available to perform any task.

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Reboot Alexa-enabled device

  • Restart the Alexa-enabled device.
  • Unplug your device or the power adapter from the power outlet. 
  • Wait for almost 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug it back to reboot the device completely.

Use Echo Device’s Screen

Echo Show devices have screens that can be used to control the device.

Just drag down the touch panel of the screen which will open the Home menu of Echo. Now, you can command Alexa to stop playing music and I am sure this will work.

Does your Alexa plays only one song and stops afterward?

Fix: Alexa only plays one song

Reset your Amazon Echo

If nothing above has worked for you or if the Alexa thermostat is still unresponsive, you need to reset the device fully and bring it back to its original settings.

  • You will find a reset button on the base of your Echo device.
  • Now, you need to reset the device which also requires registering it with your Amazon account.
  • When your press the reset button, it will first turn orange and then Blue. It will turn off completely and then turn on.
  • When the device is turned orange, it is in setup mode. At this point, you have to connect it to your Wi-Fi.
  • You have to register the device with your Amazon account.
  • It will now completely reset your device.

Always make sure that you reset your Echo according to its Generation, you can follow Generation Specific Echo Reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Alexa playing music?

Amazon Alexa sometimes randomly starts playing music without you asking. Contextual Computing recognizes sometimes that you want any action to be performed when the device is in Standby Mode.

How do I get Alexa to stop playing music after an hour?

Alexa devices are not set to shut down completely rather any action is stopped or paused. If you want to perform any action after some time, you can do this with the help of certain commands. i.e;

Alexa set a sleep timer for 60 minutes.

Why does Alexa play music in the middle of the night?

You must check any alarms or schedules which you have set in your Alexa device. If you have set any schedule for Music playing in the middle of the night, then you should turn it off.

You must ensure that your Echo device is not grouped with any device to work simultaneously.

Can you set quiet hours on Alexa?

  • Tap the menu button
  • Now, go to Settings > Device Settings.
  • Name of your new Echo
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Scheduled toggle
  • Now, you can set the hours to make it silent.

Does Alexa have a sleep mode?

Yes! Alexa has a sleep mode that you can use to auto-stop music or any task after a certain time period.

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  1. The workaround for me is to ask “Alexa what’s the news?” while the music (eg Spotify) is playing. Alexa will start to speak what the news is (or start news channel audio) and pause the music in favor of news audio. You then say “Alexa off” and the news audio stops playing leaving you in blissful silence. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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