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Why does Alexa stop playing music?

Why does Alexa stop playing music
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There are many reasons which cause Echo and other Alexa devices to stop music in the middle and it can hurt a lot when you are in a full mood and suddenly your favorite song stops playing.

Alexa has become a top assistant for doing various things like controlling the weather in the home, opening doors, turning on the TV, playing your favorite tracks on devices like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify and Playing your favorite Radio channels on Alexa.

Alexa just operates on your single voice command. Just ask Alexa to play anything that you wish and it will immediately play without any further work. But, despite being a top-notch quality product, it can also face some errors and issues which you must need to address. Sometimes, you may face trouble with Alexa performing an action and it can communicate in a way like “I am having trouble understanding right now.”

If you are also having trouble with Alexa refusing to move to the next song or cutting the music in the middle or stopping answering your commands, you don’t need to worry. We have analyzed the situation and worked on many such Alexa devices having a similar behavioral issue.

When Does Alexa Turn Off Music Because of Inactivity?

Alexa has been a smart assistant. It can turn off the music if it feels that there is no activity(listening) to be performed by anyone. It can turn off the music after 2-3 hours of consistent no activity.

Alexa has smart power sensors which optimize to reduce electricity consumption and save power consumed by the Echo device. Amazon also pays streamers to stream music that the listeners enjoy through its music platform supported by Alexa.

Alexa won't play music

If there is no one in the room listening to the music then there is no question to pay for the music playing in the empty room because Amazon has to pay for streamers. So, this is one of the reasons which can cause Alexa to stop playing music.

Why Does My Alexa Stop Playing After One Song?

There are some situations where Alexa does not play the next song and stops performing any further activity. There are many reasons which cause your Echo device to stop playing music.

  • There may not be a proper internet connection causing connectivity issues.
  • Echo’s firmware may not be updated which is creating issues.
  • Check if Echo is water damaged which has created some unknown faults.

You must ensure that there is a proper internet connection provided to Echo. If your device is a little far away from the router, you must bring it close enough and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Echo (4th Gen)

premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa

Echo (4th Gen)

7 Steps to Keep Alexa From Stopping Music Playback

  1. Restart Amazon Echo
  2. Check Music Subscription
  3. Check Echo settings
  4. Check for Updates
  5. Check internet connection
  6. Check your default music provider
  7. Turn off Alexa Loop Mode
  8. Turn Off Explicit Filter

1. Restart Amazon Echo

There may arise multiple issues in tech devices that appear to be from unknown resources. But, it is always better to restart your Amazon Echo to resolve any error. You can first remove the power cable of the Echo and cut power and shut it down for a few seconds. Then, you can restart the device and hopefully, it will resolve the problem.
Now, check if Alexa is functioning properly.

Why Does My Alexa Stop Playing After One Song

2. Check Music Subscription

If you are using Echo and play songs directly from Amazon Music or Amazon Prime, you must check for your subscription. If your Alexa stops playing music, it may be due to the inactive subscription of your Amazon Prime.

You can check your subscription from your Amazon account.

  • Just log in to your Amazon account.
  • Click on your name appearing in the top corner.
  • Check for the active subscription there.
  • If there is an inactive subscription, you need to renew it.

3. Check Echo settings

To make the Echo work smoothly, you need to set the same location on your Echo device and Amazon. If they are set in different locations, Alexa will not work properly.

You can set and change your Amazon location with the following steps.

1. First of all, go to your Amazon account.

2. Choose Content and Devices and put in your login details.

3. Go to Preference.

4. Head over to Country/Region.

5. Click on Change and set your location there.

6. Now, click on update and set the location.

You have to set the same location on Echo as well. Now, when both are set in the same location, Alexa will be able to perform successfully.

4. Check for Updates

You must check your Alexa software from the store. It may have gone outdated which is all causing the issues. You can check for Alexa updates if there is an update available, you need to do it immediately and check after it. I hope that updating the firmware will resolve the problem.

Outdated software may harm your device or catch viruses from the internet resources which ultimately damages the device. So, make sure that you keep your Alexa updated.

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5. Check internet connection

You might have gotten into trouble with a faulty internet connection. Sometimes, the devices are not performing well or even not working at all which may be due to the unstable or no internet connection.

Please, check your wi-fi router and make sure that it is working properly. If the router is unable to provide you with the internet, you must wait for it to get fine or you can also restart your router to make it work.

6. Check your default music provider

If you have multiple subscriptions with different Music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, etc, you must check that the music provider is set as the same as you are connecting your Echo with. If you have made a different Music provider other than the one to which you want to connect your Echo device, you may end up playing nothing that is a technical error.

To make your Amazon Prime your default music provider, follow the steps below.

  • Open your Alexa app and click on the Three dots in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Select settings and chose Music.
  • Now select Default Services and choose Amazon Music.

7. Turn off Alexa Loop Mode

If your Alexa is stuck at one track only, you can command Alexa to turn off loop mode.
Just say, ‘Alexa loop mode off’, or ‘Alexa stop.’

You can now try playing different songs and check whether it moves automatically to another song or not.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release)

Features: Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release)

8. Turn Off Explicit Filter

Amazon has also provided the feature to turn off the music where there is an explicit song. This may be the reason why Alexa stops playing music. You can check this option and turn off the explicit filter to play seamlessly.

To turn off the explicit filter, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open the Alexa app and click on Three dots.
  • Now, click on settings and then select Music.
  • Disable explicit filter here finally.

If none of the above-given methods has worked for you and you are stuck at the same issue, you can try a hard reset which will surely work for you.

Open the Alexa app on your device and tap on the navigation button which you can find at the bottom of the display. Tap the Echo device and gear icon on the upper corner of the app. Now, you have to scroll down and select ‘Factory Reset.’

Now, you will be registering as a new user and your data will be removed.


Alexa may stop playing music in various scenarios which can be corrected by implementing some fixes which have worked for me and for many users successfully.
You can restart your Echo device which is the most basic fix and resolves the problems generally. You can also try rebooting your Alexa device or your wi-fi router. If the problem still lies, you can hard reset your device which you must try at the very end.

I hope that your issue has been resolved and if you have any comments, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

First of all, say Alexa “Pause”, then give her the command, “Alexa resume music here” to the device you want the previous playing music to move to.

Alexa does not stop fully and automatically. Just the playing music gets stopped by your command or you can also set a sleep timer. Just say, “Alexa, set a sleep timer for 30 minutes.”

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