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Alexa Device Is Unresponsive | How To Fix In Seconds

Alexa Device is Unresponsive
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Alexa, “Sing me my favorite song”
Alexa does not answer anything. I repeat the command and it seems to be a silent doll. This may be very annoying and you may also experience a situation where Alexa is unresponsive and does not follow your command. Don’t worry, we have got you back.

There are many fixes that surely can clear up issues in Alexa(Echo devices). But, before that, you need to identify the problem which will guide you about which type of solution it needs from the list of fixes, we have explained in detail below.

If any device is connected to Alexa and if Alexa or that device becomes unresponsive, You first need to check out the following few things:

  • Check your Wi-Fi connection. Your home network may be inactive or unstable which is causing connectivity problems. Make sure that you haven’t changed the password.
  • Check the cable connection to make sure that there is no power connectivity issue.
  • The device you are connecting with Alexa is not compatible or has not been set to connect with Alexa.
  • You may need to check for any firmware updates.
  • Check the color of the light bar on the Echo device. It must be blue to be responsive to our commands. If the color is red, it means that microphone of the device has been turned off.
  • Sometimes, Alexa says device is unresponsive but it works

Alexa Device Is Unresponsive | 11 Causes and Fixes

1. Check your home network

Internet connection is the basic problem which we have observed faced by many people. The Internet connection may be unstable or there has been no connectivity issue which means that no internet is provided by the router or you have run out of internet subscription.


Make sure that there is no red light blinking which indicates that internet service has been limited.

Make sure that you have not changed the connection credentials of the router. There has been no change in name of the Wi-Fi or the password. If you have changed it recently, make sure to enter them again correctly.
Check for the network bandwidth and make sure that it is stable and high enough.

2. Check color of light bar/Alexa lights unresponsive

There is a light bar on every Echo device functioning through Alexa. They have some meaning and they appear in different colors which depends on the task being performed on the device.

A few people also face Alexa stopping after one song and it may require some simple fixes which you can fix by clicking on the link above.


Why is my smart light unresponsive Alexa?
Check for the color of your Alexa device. If the color is red, the Alexa app won’t open on android due to the microphone being turned off.


Make sure that the device color is blue which indicates it’s responsive. You can turn on the microphone by pressing the mic button on top of the device.

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3. Connect with correct device

If you have more than one Alexa device, it is possible that the wrong Echo device has responded to your command. The problem is due to that one Echo device is connected to one Amazon account and the other one is with a different Amazon account.


Alexa devices use special technology called Echo Spatial Perception having functionality which enables the device to respond to what is closest to you. If you have observed that the wrong device has responded to your command, you need to take a few steps to resolve the issue.

  • Go to your Alexa app.
  • Check for the account connected with your Alexa.
  • Make sure that all the devices are connected with only one amazon account.

Now, you need to get close the Echo device to you and say that again. If the problem is not rectified then you need to change the “Wake Word” for one of the devices. Hopefully, it will resolve the issue.

4. Place Echo device near internet router

This issue arises when you place your Echo devices very far from the internet router. In this way, Alexa becomes unresponsive and is unable to connect to your internet.


Echo devices do have not a very long range which has some obvious reasons, as we discussed in the earlier point. They compete to respond to your command. So, you must take care of the distance and keep it short enough to connect properly to the router.

Alexa has interenet connection

5. Check all power cables

Most of the time, cables are not connected and they are plugged out which is causing the issue. There is also a probability of the devices’ cables being disconnected. Loose cables are sometimes causing problems. Make sure to check it too.


You must ensure that the cable connection is OK and there is no faulty cable or there is no cable left disconnected.

6. Alexa grouping problem

If you ask Alexa to play music and there is another device that may be not in the same room but in the other one. There is a grouping problem in Alexa and it causes confusion in them and they are unable to work properly and mix things.


The simple method to resolve this is to ungroup the devices and group them again. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open the Alexa app and select the device from there.
  • Now, you need to select the one from which you have to solve the grouping.
  • Go to the group, Click on edit and then delete it.
  • Now, group them again.

Make sure that you don’t select the default speaker to avoid any problems.

Alexa grouping problem

7. Physical Interference

Sometimes, Alexa is unable to receive a stable connection which is due to the incompatible frequency of the internet connection and the Alexa device. It causes Wi-Fi interference which causes the malfunction when both these devices get in contact and Alexa tries to connect with the Internet router.


You should remove certain wi-fi compatible devices away from the internet router. You can identify devices that have radio signal interference blocking the connection.

These devices may be your home microwave oven or radio scanners or any wi-fi-enabled device. This Interference doesn’t allow Alexa to play radio channels or music just because of Network clashes.

8. Alexa app not launching

Generally, Alexa devices save input from users and they set the schedule which you may call routines. But, sometimes, Alexa is unable to perform the routine which is due to the app not working and not even launching. This usually happens due to any bug in the software of the app.


First, close the app and restart your device. If you are still experiencing issues with the Alexa app. Try uninstalling the app and downloading the latest version of the Alexa app.

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How to reboot Alexa enabled device?

  • Restart the Alexa-enabled device.
  • Unplug your device or the power adapter from the power outlet. 
  • Wait for almost 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug it back to completely reboot the device.

9. Alexa is unable to find and add a device

This is one of the most common problems which almost every second person faces. When you try to add the device, it doesn’t detect the device and says no device found.


Check its compatibility with Alexa. Some devices are compatible with Google Home but not with Alexa. If it is Alexa compatible, it’s time to troubleshoot the device.

  • First, open the app to set it to the wi-fi network.
  • Install the manufacturer app and set up the device in your wi-fi network.
  • Then, go to and try setting up the device there.
  • Go to the skill for the smart home and disable it and enable it again.
  • Go back to your Alexa and ask to discover my devices.

10. Setup Skills on Amazon Echo

If you are still facing problems after implementing all the methods discussed above, you can check your Alexa skill. Maybe Amazon Alexa still is turned off or it is not set properly.


  • First of all, launch the Alexa app.
  • Go to the upper corner menu and expand it.
  • You will see the Skills and Games option. Click on it.
  • Now scroll through the whole page and explore the skills. I hope that you will find some amazing skills which your Echo can do.

Alexa skill

Here, there will be an option of Search. You can simply use it to find anything like Pandora. It will open the website and ask you to log in and after that, it will be connected with Pandora.

Alexa skill search for pandora

11. Set Bluetooth issues with Alexa

You may have Bluetooth devices which may sometimes cause issues connecting with Alexa/


  • First of all, make sure that the device that you are trying to connect is Bluetooth enabled.
  • Make sure that you bring both of the devices closer to avoid any other connection interference.
  • Now, go to your Alexa and search the device from the menu.
  • Select the Bluetooth device from there.
  • Restart your Echo device.
  • Pair your device with Alexa(Echo).

bluetooth trouble with alexa

How to Reset your Amazon Echo

If nothing above has worked for you or if the Alexa thermostat is still unresponsive, you need to reset the device fully and bring it back to its original settings. Sometimes Alexa doesn’t stop music, So resetting it helps resolves this issue.

  1. You will find a reset button on the base of your Echo device.
  2. Now, you need to reset the device which also requires registering it with your Amazon account.
  3. When your press the reset button, it will first turn orange and then Blue. It will turn off completely and then turn on.
  4. When the device is turned orange, it is in setup mode. At this point, you have to connect it to your Wi-Fi.
  5. You have to register the device with your Amazon account.
  6. It will now completely reset your device.
Reset amazon alexa

How to Fix Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive

First, check if Smart Plug is connected to power or not. If t gets loose or it doesn’t connect well to the power outlet, it won’t respond. Next, make sure that your Apple device has an active internet connection. You can check it by browsing.

You can reconnect your wi-fi and Bluetooth. First, turn them off, wait a bit to refresh, and connect again with your device.

Make sure that your connecting devices are up-to-date. Because there may be compatibility issues due to outdated versions which cause a bug and don’t respond actively. Make sure that your Apple device and Smart plug are updated.


If your amazon Alexa server is unresponsive, you can first identify the problem and then apply the fix which is relevant to it. You should check your internet connection and stabilize the bandwidth. You should check if any cables are disconnected or loose which is causing the problem. You may need to reset the device which we have explained in detail.

If you have learned and found the solution, comment and let us know. In case of any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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