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Does Ring Record 24/7 | Is It Possible

Does Ring Record 24/7
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The Ring is a popular choice for home security systems and Ring video/camera doorbells record your front door view which you can see on your TV or mobile. One question that many people have is whether Ring security cameras are capable of recording 24/7.

Absolutely Not! The ring has made their doorbells not record all the time which considerably saves their battery and increases its useful life. Ring doorbells only record video when an event happens.

What is Event

Anything which would make the doorbell activated is classified as an Event.

  • Button Push
  • Motion
  • Live View

  • Ring Video Doorbell uses a motion sensor that is triggered whenever any motion is detected and lasts until the motion stops. So, it counts as one event.
  • Ring AI is not that advanced to stop turning on with the detection of traffic movement. So, unnecessary turning on activation increases its events.
  • Speaking through the Doorbell and opening Live View to see the video also increase the number of Events.
  • When someone presses on the doorbell, it also counts as an event. Moderating and using efficiently the number of events decides the battery life of Ring doorbell.

How Long Does a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera Record For?

The default timing of an event recording for Ring doorbell is 20 seconds which you can also customize through your settings in the Ring app. This recording period can be triggered by motion detection or when a visitor presses the doorbell button and you can watch Ring front view on your TV or mobile using Ring account.

Ring Video Doorbell 

1080p HD video, motion detection

Ring Video Doorbell 

Why Doesn’t the Ring Record 24/7?

Ring doesn’t record 24/7 and it turns on its recording only for a short time for the following reasons.


Continuous recording would significantly increase the cost of cloud storage, making the device less affordable for most users.

However, it’s worth noting that 24/7 recording with a camera will require a Ring Protect subscription, which is a monthly or annual fee that gives you access to video history and other features.

Battery Life:

Ring doorbells are either connected with a wire or get power from removable batteries inside. Continuous recording would also significantly reduce the battery life of battery-powered Ring devices and battery life will be exhausted within a few days.

Storage Capacity:

Continuous 24/7 recording would quickly fill up the device’s storage capacity, which would make it difficult to manage and review the footage.

In this case, Ring Video Doorbell has to upload videos on a daily basis to the cloud system or any other storage which will require a strong internet connection.

Will Ring Ever Offer 24/7 Recording Feature?

The ring has been announced to include 24/7 recording in 2019. But, We have got news from our informative resources that Ring is not currently planning to include 24/7 recording features in their Ring security doorbells which may affect their current features including battery timing, battery life, and cost.


How can I enable My Ring Record 24/7 | Protection Plan?

Ring cameras don’t record 24/7 continuously but you can enable them by getting a Ring Protection Plan that allows you to have a separate subscription for non-stop recording from your Ring doorbell.

Note: You need the Ring Alarm system to take advantage of Ring’s 24/7 professional monitoring and you can view all Ring cameras recording on same screen.

Basic Protection Plan

You can only add one device to the basic protection plan and can’t include your other security doorbells available in your home.

Ring Plus Protect Plan 

You can add multiple Ring devices available in your home attached to a single home address.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Cutting-edge (existing wiring required)

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
Video History for up to 180 DaysYesYesYes
Video Saving and SharingYesYesYes
Snapshot CaptureYesYesYes
Person AlertsYesYesYes
Rich NotificationsYesYesYes
10% off Select Products at and Amazon.comYesYesYes
Download up to 50 Videos At OnceNoYesYes
Extended Warranties for All DevicesNoYesYes
24/7 Professional MonitoringNoYesYes
Alarm Cellular BackupNoNoYes
Alexa Guard PlusNoNoYes
24/7 Backup Internet with Optional Extra DataNoNoYes
Digital Security by eero SecureNoNoYes
Ring Edge with Local Video StorageNoNoYes
Save up to $100 per Year or More on Your Home InsuranceNoNoYes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my Ring footage from anywhere?

Yes, you can access your Ring footage from anywhere using the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.

Does Ring have motion detection?

Yes, Ring security cameras have motion detection capabilities, and you can set the motion sensitivity to your desired level

Can I turn off the 24/7 recording feature?

Yes, you can turn off the 24/7 recording feature at any time using the Ring app.

Is Ring compatible with other smart home devices?

Yes, Ring is compatible with various smart home devices and integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Is Ring secure?

Ring takes security seriously and implements various measures to keep your data and footage secure, such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

How much does it cost to store recorded footage in the cloud?

The cost of cloud storage depends on the subscription plan you choose. Ring offers several affordable options, including a free plan that stores footage for up to 60 days.

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