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How I Fix My LG TV WiFi Turned Off Problem

LG TV Wi-Fi Turned Off
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Are you having trouble with your LG TV’s Wi-Fi connection? Is it turning off without any warning or error message? This problem can be frustrating, especially when streaming your favorite show or connecting to the internet. When I check it in ‘Network Settings’, it says that Wi-Fi is turned off.

The good news is that most LG TV Wi-Fi turned-off issues are easy to fix, and We have experimented with some proven methods to troubleshoot those issues.

Key Solution Points:

  • Check if the Wi-Fi is turned on
  • Power cycle your TV
  • Try updating TV software
  • Try to change Time zone
  • Restart Network Router
  • Use an Ethernet Cable
  • Factory Reset LG Smart TV

LG 83-inch Class OLED

10 Steps To Fix LG TV Wi-Fi Turned Off But It’s Not

Check Network Settings

Firstly, check if the WIFI is turned on. To do this, go to the settings option on your TV remote and click on the last option, which is the ‘settings’ option.

After that, go to the ‘network’ option and then to the ‘WIFI connection.’ If the connection is not available, then you will see a message indicating the issue.

After analyzing the issue, I found that this is not just a setting problem, but it is a technical problem with the WIFI chip.


Remove bents from Connection Wires

The first step is to remove the screws on the back of your LG TV. You may need a screwdriver to do this. Once the screws are removed, gently lift the back cover off the TV. You’ll notice two modules:

  1. LAN connection
  2. Wi-Fi module.
LAN Connection

Next, check the wires connecting the control board audio land to the Wi-Fi module. These wires may be bent or crimped, which can cause the Wi-Fi connection to fail. Carefully straighten the wires, making sure not to pull or damage them.

Wifi module

Once the wires are straightened, put the back cover back on and make sure the wires are not crimped or bent. You’ll want to ensure that there is nothing obstructing the cover from fitting back in place properly.

After you’ve put the back cover back on, plug the TV back in and turn it on. Check the Wi-Fi connection to see if it’s working properly. If it’s still not working, try repeating the process and straightening the wires again.

straighten wires

It’s important to note that you should only attempt this fix if your TV is out of warranty and you’re comfortable removing the back cover. If you’re not comfortable doing this or your TV is still under warranty, contact LG for assistance.

Change Time Zone

Changing time zone in your LG TV will allow your TV to reboot which will fix wifi connection.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to change the time zone in your LG TV.

  • First, go to Home menu on your TV.
  • Navigate to Settings > General Menu.
  • Open the Location on your TV.
  • Head towards LG Service Country.
  • Now, change the country to whatever it was previously on your TV.
  • If it was the USA, you can shift towards Canada.
  • This will reboot and it’s most likely that your Wi-Fi will be connected to your TV

Now, you can change the country back to the previous one.

Clean Socket Block

The first step involves opening the screws as explained in the previous step.

You need to clean the socket block with alcohol. You can use a lens wipe or a small paintbrush to clean it.

clean soket module

Once you’ve cleaned the socket block, you can assemble everything back together, plug it back in, and screw it down. Then put the cover back on, screw it down, and you’re done! Your Wi-Fi should be working perfectly once again.

Restart Wifi Router

You must restart your network router and check that there is no problem with your router. Because sometimes there may arise problems with your router and your TV is working fine.

  • First, turn off your router from the power socket.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds before you plug back your router.
  • Now, you can restart your network router.
  • Check if your LG TV is able to recognize Wifi connection.

Turn Off Quick Start

  • First, go to Settings > All Settings
  • Now, navigate to General > Quick Start/Simplink > Off.
  • Turn your TV off, wait for a few seconds, and turn it back on.

Interference in Wifi Connection

Sometimes, there is interference from the outside environment which creates issues in the performance of the wireless signals. You must need to check the objects causing the issue.

Your LG Smart TV may get distracted by Infrared Interference which is used by other devices like Televisions, Microwave Ovens, and Radios. So, always try to keep your Roomba away from these devices.

This is not a usual problem but you may encounter it if you don’t properly place these kinds of devices.

Firmware Update

If you are facing the same issue, try updating the TV software via PANDrive. However, remember that there is only a 10% chance that this will solve the problem. Updating firmware resolves many issues such as wifi problems and Airplay not working on LG TVs.

Factory Reset LG Smart TV

Factory reset is the last resort which will also remove your saved settings and it will restore to the default settings of your LG TV.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your LG Smart TV.

  • First, click Settings > All Settings
  • Select General.
  • Scroll down and pick Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Confirm the Reset.

Connect Streaming Device

If none of the above methods has helped you connect your LG TV to your Wi-Fi router, you better attach a streaming device with your TV and install third-party apps with streaming devices such as Roku or Amazon Firestick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won t my LG webos TV connect to Wi-Fi?

First of all, you have to check your Network Router and Network settings on your LG Smart TV. Then, ensure that you have updated your TV firmware. You can reset your TV with the Factory reset method discussed in article.

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