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LG TV Airplay Not Working

LG TV Airplay Not Working
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LG TV has gathered one of the very top positions due to its high quality and premium manufacturing which comes along with the incredible picture, sound, and affordability for the quality. A thorough guide has been derived to fix LG TV Airplay Not Working with proper solutions. LG TV has other tremendous features like AirPlay as one of the most desirous functions.

Airplay is a unique feature of Apple devices that enables people to easily connect with other Apple devices. Airplay streams the entire screen of an iPhone or MAC to the Apple TV and it can stream Photos, music, videos, and podcasts from an iOS device to a television.

If you have LG TV with the AirPlay feature, you can tether pictures and other functions from one device directly to your screen.

airplay not working on LG tv
LG TV AirPlay

If your LG TV is not playing AirPlay, the obvious causes could be service provider issues, Wi-Fi connectivity troubles, or issues with your iPhone or LG TV’s settings. 

First, make sure that both devices are turned on and within enough vicinity to be capable of connecting. If the device you are trying to connect is too far from your TV, the signal will not reach and AirPlay will not work on your LG TV.

Make Sure Both Devices Are Connected to the Same Network

LG TV and other iOS devices must be connected with the same wi-fi network. It allows the recognition of AirPlay devices on the network. 

LG TV must be AirPlay-ready

Not all LG TVs support Airplay. So, please check your TV model first to make sure it is AirPlay supported. 

Below are some models which support AirPlay:

  1. UN Series
  2. UM Series
  3. NANA Series
  4. UK Series
  5. SK Series

You can check the model of your LG TV from the back of it. There will be a sticker guiding you about it.

Update LG TV OS

LG TVs with webOS version above 4 have no problems with AirPlay connectivity.

There may be obsolete firmware issues that hinder connecting AirPlay, But if you have an internet connection then It can update the software allowing it to work properly.

Update Apple device

Apple devices notify if there seems to be an update that needs installation. To do it manually,

  1. Go to setting
  2. Tap on general
  3. Select Software Update
how to airplay to lg tv
Software Update

Reboot Router

One of the issues of not connecting AirPlay with TV is due to the router which may sometimes block the connectivity due to minor bugs.

lg tv airplay
Router setting

Just turn it off and then turn it on. In this way, it will be rebooted which will hopefully solve the problem.

Disable sleep mode (LG TV Airplay Not Working Fixed)

When you are connecting your LG TV Airplay, make sure that sleep mode is not turned on. If it is turned on, you can simply turn it off with your remote control.

Reduce Distance

If your connecting devices are not close enough and are in far vicinity then this could be an obvious reason to not allow both devices even appear on their display for connecting purposes.

Enable the AirPlay icon on MAC

MAC displays an AirPlay icon when it detects any AirPlay-enabled device. 

Follow the steps below to enable the icon:

  1. Select the Apple logo in the corner.
  2. Go to preference.
  3. Select display and then mirror option in the menu bar.

Disconnect other network-connected devices:

To enhance the speed of the wi-fi connection, disconnect other devices which will provide a fast network and better bandwidth.

Switch to a wired connection

A wired connection gives a fast speed and LG TVs have a port for ethernet to connect.

Reset iPhone Network Settings

Network setting usually solves the problem as it removes already saved networks. Now, you can enter into any connection by putting a password according to your will.

LG tv not showing up on airplay
Network Setting

Reset Apple Device

  1. Hold down the power and -volume button.
  2. Drag the slider a little bit.
  3. It will turn off and then wait to turn it on.

A factory reset can also be done if Airplay is not connecting with any TV. But you should first cloud storage the data.

Follow the steps below for a factory reset.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Select Reset iPhone.
  4. Choose “Erase All Content And Settings.”

Reset LG TV

A simple reset of your LG TV can be done to allow the issues to resolve automatically.

I hope these steps will work for you in connecting your LG TV AirPlay as it worked for me.

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