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Is It Safe to Sleep With AirPods

Sleep With AirPods
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If you are living in a very traffic-crowded area or in a large family where none is bound to follow your routines and have their own working schedule. But, when you have your bed rest time, there is some traffic noise or people following their own routines and thus creating noise. You may observe your partner’s snorting which completely irritates you in your comfortable sleep. 

We can solve our sleep-related issues with modern technology which may help out in having a relaxed night and music while listening can have a joyous and wonderful impact on our brain and body. Music releases “Dopamine” which causes feeling relaxed and completes our sleep purely. But, is it safe to sleep with AirPods?

We have been taking advantage of modern technology and gadgets having the latest modern technology advancements. There has been very progressive measure relating to technology which has been equally beneficial in helping us have a sufficient and relaxed sleep.  

Sleeping while you are listening to music can act as a treatment for people with Insomnia.


You can listen to music while you sleep by using some tiny gadgets which can easily fit into your ears and AirPods are a wonderful choice to use as a music-listening device. You can read further for the complete advantage or any drawbacks of sleeping with AirPods.

Why do people sleep with AirPods or Headphones?

Some people are really habitual of sleeping with their AirPods or headphones. There are many reasons why people wear their AirPods while they sleep.

  • Relaxation
  • Cutting out Noises
  • Feel comfortable

Some people have Titnius disorder in which there is a constant ringing in their ears and they are unable to stop it. So, they wear AirPods and listen to some kind of calm music which surely relieves their ear from ringing.

sleep with airpods

There may be some reasons for that constant ringing disturbing you:

  • Hearing Loss
  • Ear Trauma
  • Side effects of some medications
  • You work in an industrial area where there is constant beating or thrashing noise

Is it Bad to Sleep With AirPods?

Sleeping with AirPods or headphones can be safe if you are using the right listening device and you are doing it in the right way.

But, there are many bad things that may occur if you sleep with your AirPods. You may get entangled with wires of headphones around your neck. 

There are some possible dangers and side effects listed down below.

Cancer and radiation

This may be the biggest concern for the people who use AirPods every day or at least use them almost every next day. Because there are Bluetooth radiations that are linked to your iPad or iOS devices.

There has not been a solid case study for more exposure to Bluetooth radiation and sleeping with them while they are turned on. But, you should consider it a risky use. Because research has found some connections between radiation and cancer causes.

If you have to listen to music while you sleep by all means, then you should consider “Wearing AirPods” a severe risk due to its wireless Bluetooth radiation. But, you can wear wire headphones that won’t generate radiation. Make sure that you avoid your neck from its wire getting entangled around the neck.

is it bad to sleep with airpods in

Building Ear Wax

If you have to wear AirPods and they rest very deep in your ears then there is a probability of getting ear wax. It is generated in your ear when you close your ear from earbuds or AirPods and the wax can block the internal canal of the ear.

If you sleep for almost 9-10 hours and during this time, AirPods are in your ear then ear wax will be more than normal and it will start leaking out from your ears.

TIP: You should clean your ears daily with cotton and make sure to check daily that there is no wax in the ear.

sleeping with airpods


If your AirPods, earbuds, or headphones are not sitting on your head and you think they have become very tight, then you face a blood flow issue which is caused by the tightening of the veins inside the brain over the ear. It can lead to Necrosis which is usually due to any injury to your head.

If you feel any kind of pressure due to the non-fitting of your headphones in your ear, you can adjust them…

Adjust Fitting of Your Headphones properly

Headphone fitting force can also make you uncomfortable. They become the main cause of giving a dent in your head.

  • If the headphones are too loose become uncomfortable and become a headache to keep them fit on the head.
  • If the headphones are too tight, they put so much pressure and their clamping force will give your head a dent. But, you must resolve issues if you are facing any of them.
  • If the headphones are too tight, you can make them a little bit looser to make them get fixed on your head. You can do it by fixing certain thing which carries a little more size than your head.
    In this way, it will be a little loose.
  • If your headphones are too loose, you can fix them by applying some force from both sides of the headphones for a long time which will make the headphones a little flexible to fit on your head.
  • It can also give you dent if not properly fit.

Hearing loss

If you use AirPods very often, you must have suffered from some kind of health disorder like headache, Trauma, Ear wax, and hearing problems. You must reduce your use of AirPods or headphones.

If they are used in an excessive manner, they can harm your auditory canal which will lead to hearing loss ultimately.

can you sleep with airpods in

Bacterial Infection

If you are using AirPods for listening to music while you sleep then you may have felt your ears a little bulky or painful, this might be due to the bacterial infection in which ears feel a little stuffy. You should clean your ears with a cotton swab regularly otherwise it could lead your ears to full damage or you may lose hearing.

will my airpods fall out if i sleep in them

AirPods’ Battery Health

You should use your expensive AirPods very carefully. If you are using them excessively then you are reducing their battery health which reduces the battery time span and also affects the AirPods which will lose their volume performance and AirPods become quiet if they are used excessively without any proper use. 

how to sleep with airpods in

Low Quality sleep

This is one of the most ignored issues which may be due to wearing AirPods or headphones right before going to bed. If you are a person who has a sleeping problem like do not fall asleep early as you go to the bed. Check that you listen to music very much and that’s why you use AirPods which is the main problem of low-quality sleep.

If you are striving hard to get your sleep as early while wearing AirPods, you must try to go to bed without AirPods and you must stop or at least listen to music a little before going to bed.


Damage by Sweat

If you sleep with AirPods in your ears, you must keep in your mind that AirPods are not waterproof. Even AirPods pro and Third Generation AirPods are water resistant but when they are fully submerged in water, they create issues as they are not waterproof.

If you sweat a lot while you sleep, you may damage your AirPods, and your excessive amount of perspiration may end up causing damage to your AirPods.

is it safe to sleep with airpods in

AirPods falling out

AirPods are tiny music-listening devices that can fit into the ear. They can go deep into the ears. You should take care of your AirPods while you sleep. They can easily be fallen from the ears and can be lost somewhere in the room while sleeping.

Benefits of Sleeping With AirPods


Most people listen to music before going to bed. You can enjoy your favorite music and you can also listen to natural sounds and rain effects before going to bed.

It will relieve your pain and it can relax your whole body when you come out after a hectic day at work. 

Some researchers have also proved that listening to music can make you asleep faster.

falling asleep with airpods

Noise cancelation

Some people live in an area where there is much noise and also where there are many people who have their personal routines set at different times.

You can use AirPods Pro as it has active noise canceling feature which is really helpful in canceling external noises and blocking any surrounding noises. This is a great way to keep yourself relaxed before going to sleep.

No wires confusion

You can sleep with your AirPods and listen to music without any tension of wires. Wires can entangle around your neck if you sleep with your headphones.

Airpods have been very useful for this purpose. They can easily fit into the ears. People usually like to avoid any messy material which has no special utility but adds some extra burden.

How to Sleep With AirPods?

Keep your volume Low

You must keep your headphones’ volume low. You must ensure that you are able to hear someone without removing your headphones.

On average, people are usually able to hear up to 85 decibels for 8 hours. If you listen to a volume above 85 decibels, you must ensure that you reduce your listening hours. Because it can harm your ears and cause permanent hearing loss.


It is very normal that you listen to music all day while keeping precautionary measures. So, you can enjoy music listening with your AirPods when you listen at an optimal level.

Keep AirPods in Case

Make sure that you keep your AirPods in their case while they are off work. The case must be ventilated otherwise AirPods can be non-hygienic which can harm your ears. You must moisturize your AirPods before using them.

Take Breaks

If you are habitual in listening to music very often, you must take regular breaks of 30 minutes minimum. These are very useful in keeping your ears healthy and do not cause any ringing issues in which there is continuous ringing surrounding your ears.


Is It Safe to Sleep With AirPods? Yes! But by following some precautionary measures, you can sleep with your AirPods. There are some cons which will be really hazardous if you don’t follow measures to avoid disadvantages.

You may suffer necrosis, bacterial Infection, or complete hearing loss if you spend much of your time with AirPods while sleeping.

There are many benefits that prove to be useful when you listen to music with your AirPods in your ears. You can relieve all your tiredness when you listen to music. It can make your sleep comfortable.

I hope you are now well aware of the pros and cons of Sleeping with AirPods. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below.


Frequently Asked Questions

It could cause bacterial infection and sleeping disorders. But, you should adopt some precautionary measures like lowering the volume and keeping the listening hours less so you can get relaxed sleep.

If they are in the ear for a very long time, they can cause ear wax, they can destruct the auditory canal of the ear. You should minimize the listening hours of music and you should keep its volume low.

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