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Alexa Blue Light Spinning[Causes and Fixes]

Alexa Blue Light Spinning
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Alexa has different light symbols indicating distinct meanings. These lights are not always easy to understand. But, the Blue color is very general. It will be shown every time when you give the voice commands to Alexa. In this guide, few problems associated with ‘Alexa blue light spinning’ and their specific solutions are in detail.

Why is Alexa spinning blue light?

The blue color represents the current active status on Alexa. The colors on the Alexa are shown in various patterns depending on the feature or the device’s functionality.

Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death?

Echo dot blue ring of death is a light which shows on the surface screen area of Echo in which LED is installed. This light appears whenever there is an active status or whenever there is an issue with Alexa software.

Alexa may sometimes pick up sounds from around your surroundings. If there is anyone around the device talking, it may pick up that sound and it lights blue. The direction of Alexa’s lightning blue is headed towards where it is listening.

alexa blue ring

Alexa only listens whenever there is any voice command. If there is no voice command then it will not light.

In the case of Echo, a smart display is shown in blue light-guiding its active status.

What are the Causes of the Solid Blue Ring?

Whenever there is blue light stuck and is not turning off, it makes you assume that something is wrong with the device and it frustrates why it is not turning off.

It indicates a problem with your Echo device and asks you to look for solutions to repair those problems.

  1. There are various factors involved in this ‘blue ring.
  2. There is no internet connection with the Echo device.
  3. You are using not using the genuine adapter which has been provided with the Echo device.
  4. The power supply is not stable and there may be unequal voltage distribution which eventually affects the adapter and the device.
  5. Check if you have turned on the ‘Do not Disturb’ settings.
echo dot blue ring of death

How To Stop Spinning Blue Light On Alexa

Fixes [Case Specific]

Alexa is Starting Up

When you start your Echo and plug it into the power outlet, you may see different lights on the Echo which we have mentioned below.

  • Solid blue light ring
  • Blue light ring with spinning white section
  • Spinning blue and cyan segments
  • Flashing blue and cyan rings

The procedure of starting the device takes time less than a minute. In this process, it tries to identify the following things mentioned below.

  • Internet connection
  • Power supply (If there is any unusual power)
  • Voice commands

If it takes more than 1 minute or 2, it usually reflects an issue with the Echo. Please make sure that you have an active internet connection. If there is no internet, Echo will notify you such as problems connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

echo dot spinning blue light

Restart the Device

In many cases, most devices fix their errors by simply restarting devices.

This is the simplest step that you can follow and rectify unusual errors. But, you have to restart Echo in the correct way. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Unplug the Echo and remove its adapter from the power switch and wait for at least 5 minutes.
  • Now, turn on the device and check if it works fine.

Alexa might be in pairing mode

Whenever Alexa configures with any home automated device, it has to be paired with that device in order to control it.

amazon echo spinning blue light

So, If you have brought a new device, blue light might appear which will reflect the usual pairing with the devices. Let’s suppose, if you want to turn on the fan with the help of Alexa, You will see the first glimpse of Alexa Blue Light Spinning on Alexa.

If you face any issue, you may seek customer support or read the manual.

Echo (4th Gen)

premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa

Echo (4th Gen)

Accidental Triggering

Sometimes, When we are not connecting to Alexa, But notice that the blue light has turned on its own. This might be due to the surrounding sounds which cause Alexa to activate and start listening to their command.

This will cause the blue light to appear on the Echo device as Alexa starts processing these sounds.

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Logic Board Problems

As Alexa is an artificially intelligent assistant. It is operated through some of the logic boards.

  1. It may be due to an unusual power supply or a disrupted power supply. This is due to the wrong power adapter connected to Echo dot.
  2. There may be an electric shock caused by water damage.
  3. There may be any manufacturing fault. In this case, you need to contact customer support.

Please follow the instructions below in order to fix the problems.

alexa spinning blue light
  • Look for capacitors in Echo. You can see them under the logic boards. It may seem to leak due to water damage.
  • You must replace them with good capacitors.
  • Try to turn the Echo fully off and clean the device with a dry cloth.
  • It may seem working properly now.

Amazon Echo is updating its firmware

One of the issues with Alexa(Echo) spinning blue light is its obsolete software. Due to this, it is updating its software. 

In most devices that work with the internet, they need to get the software updated in order to work properly.

If the Alexa is updating, let the update finish and try to reconnect your smartphone with Alexa.

Now check, if the problem is with Alexa or not. I hope that with new updated software, the Alexa solid blue ring will be removed.

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Check DND Settings

When you have enabled the DND‘Do not Disturb’ settings. You won’t be able to get any response from Alexa.

You can follow the steps below to check the DND settings.

  • Go to Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Go to device>Echo and Alexa
  • Now, you can see connected devices.
  • Check the DND status
  • Remove it by turning it off.

The echo has different lights and they all also have different behaviors.

why does my alexa have a blue ring

A Constant Spinning Blue Light

This is due to the following factors which are not allowing the light to turn off.

i) Pairing mode

Sometimes, the device is in pairing mode and it is not responding to any of your commands from your smartphone. 

Try to pair Echo to your smartphone. Once it is paired successfully, the blue ring will go.

ii) Software Update

If your smartphone is paired with Echo through the app, then there is obsolete software which we have discussed above in the article.

Purple Flash After Blue Light Spin

When you try to connect to Alexa through voice command, It will flash purple followed by blue light. 

It means that you have turned on “DND Mode.”

If you have not enabled it by yourself then you can turn it off through the mobile Alexa app.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release)

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release)
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Echo Device Colors & Meanings


What it means:

  • A slow yellow burst, every few seconds, means that Alexa has a message or notification, or there’s a reminder you missed. Say, “What are my notifications?” or “What are my messages?”
alexa stuck on blue light

Cyan on blue

What it means:

  • A cyan spotlight on a blue ring means that Alexa is listening.
  • The light ring glimmers briefly when Alexa has heard and is processing your request. A briefly glimmering blue light might also mean the device is receiving a software update.
why does my alexa keep spinning blue


What it means:

  • The solid red light shows when the microphone on/off button is pressed. That means the device microphone is disconnected and Alexa is not listening. Press it again to enable your microphone.
  • On Echo devices with a camera, a red light bar means that your video will not be shared.
why does my echo dot have a blue ring

Spinning cyan

What it means:

  • Slowly spinning teal and blue means that your device is starting up. If the device has not been set up, the light turns to orange when the device is ready for setup.
how do i stop alexa from spinning blue


What it means:

  • Your device is in setup mode, or is trying to connect to the Internet.
alexa flashes blue but doesn't respond


What it means:

  • A pulsing green light means that you’re receiving a call on the device.
  • If the green light is spinning, then your device is on an active call or an active Drop In.
echo dot keeps spinning blue


What it means:

  • When the Do Not Disturb feature is on, the light briefly shows purple after you make any request.
  • During initial device setup, purple shows if there are Wi-Fi issues.
why is my alexa blue light staying on


What it means:

  • When you adjust the device volume, white lights show the volume levels.
  • A spinning white light means Alexa Guard is turned on and in Away mode. Return Alexa to Home mode in the Alexa app.
why is alexa spinning blue

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Press and hold the Action button for 25 seconds – that’s the button on the right of the top panel.

It usually reflects the current active status of the Echo and it is ready to take voice commands. But, It also depends on the light behavior whether it is blinking or not.

The simple command is to say “Alexa, stop” and the detailed guide is through this article.

Check that Alexa is not muted.

Make sure, you are using the genuine power adapter.

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