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Why does my Roomba keep cleaning the same area?

Why does my Roomba keep cleaning the same area
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Roomba vacuums are very efficient in their cleaning work and they are designed to clean all the rooms according to the map which has been designed for their cleaning area.

But, your Roomba vacuum may get into faults that disturb the cleaning routine and cause inconvenience. One major error is “Roomba keeps cleaning the same area” and not cleaning all the rooms.

First, we identify the relevant error ‘Why Roomba not working well’ and then guide you to the relevant solution to apply which will help to resolve the issue.

Why Roomba doesn’t go all around and keeps cleaning the same area?

  • Dirt stuck in Roomba vacuum apartment.
  • All rooms have no sufficient light.
  • Roomba sensors are dirty.
  • Household items on the floor cause obstacles in cleaning.
  • Robot Vacuum wheels are not cleaned.
  • Infrared Interference
  • Roomba Virtual Wall is mapped wrongly.
  • Roomba is not charged sufficiently.

12 Ways to Fix | Roomba keeps cleaning the same area

Update Roomba

  • First, connect your Roomba vacuum to Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure that Roomba is on its charging base and getting charged.
  • Open your iRobot app.
  • You will see ‘Update’ on your Home screen.
  • Click on it and tap on ‘Request Update’ button.
  • Now, wait for a few hours to get it fully updated.

Clean the Sensor properly

Most people do not take care of their operating and working devices in the house and win the rooms. A proper maintenance system is necessary to make them work smoothly.

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iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

Multiple rounds of Roomba for cleaning purposes in the house gather dust and dirt particles in its bags. You should clean your Roomba regularly for about half an hour to make them work smoothly in the house.

Clean the Brushes and Sensors of the Roomba properly and it will fix most of the issues and errors which are hindering the proper cleaning and allow the Roomba to move all around the home.

Cliff Sensors in the Roomba are small rectangles around the edges of the Roomba. Cliff sensors avoid your Roomba from dropping off or falling off steps.

  • To clean them, flip them upside down and clean them accordingly.

Dirt Sensors are rectangular blocks and are present in the right and left areas of the Roomba’s dustbin.

  • To clean it, remove the dustbin from the unit and clean it with a cloth.

Provide Sufficient Light in all Rooms

Roombas clean their house and their rooms very efficiently with their advanced technology and proper navigation system.

Roombas navigation system is operated through the camera installed in the device. These cameras locate the room’s position and its areas with the help of light. In the absence of proper light, Roombas are not able to detect the proper mapping of the house which creates a hassle in cleaning the room properly.

Make sure that all your rooms have adequate lighting installed to make them work and clean efficiently.


  • If there is no sufficient light in the room, Roomba may get stuck which also disturbs its cleaning cycle.

Infrared interference

If you haven’t known before that Roomba uses Infrared interference which allows both units to communicate with each other.

What other Things Use Infrared interference at Home?

Roomba gets distracted by Infrared Interference which is used by other devices like Televisions, Microwave Ovens, and Radios. So, always try to keep your Roomba away from these devices to enable Roomba to go around all over the house and clean all rooms.

This is not a usual problem but you may encounter it if you don’t properly place these kinds of devices.

Install the battery correctly

When you clean the surface of the Roomba charging contacts and wipe the battery points, you may somehow misplace and misposition the battery which causes the Contact points not to adjust correctly. 

  • Make sure that you have tightened the screws of the Roomba back cover.
  • Make sure that the battery charging points are in contact with the power hub.
  • Make sure that there is no obstruction between the charging contact.

Always use genuine Battery

Don’t ever buy any cheap products/accessories to use with your original and expensive branded products. They will always harm your device and you cannot get smooth performance consistently for a long time.

Always use genuine parts, batteries, and other accessories recommended by Roomba. Because local or fake batteries may work for you for a while but the Roomba will soon stop detecting non-original batteries and it will not work.

Due to a fake battery, Roomba Motor may get damaged creating Error 11.

Tap The Bumpers Gently

Sometimes, dust or debris particles are stuck in Roomba. So, just tap on Roomba bumpers gently a few times and all the minor dust particles will get out and Roomba.

Now, restart your Romba by pressing Clean button.

Clean The Bumper Sensors

You must keep your Roomba bumpers clean because otherwise, they may move around in a circle shape and don’t go to other rooms.

  • First, remove the debris by opening Roomba back cover and removing all the debris particles.
  • Now, Clean the front bumper with a dry cloth.
  • Flip it over its back.
  • Clean the two charging contacts and Roomba Drop sensors with a dry cloth only.

Remove Clutter

Different household items in the room cause obstacles to cleaning.

If you have created a mess of furniture and other decoration items in the room then try to throw them away from the room and try to remap the room and make sure that this time, you make the room clean and simple on its surface.

Different electricity wires and connection cables make the room surface unplan which cause the Roombas not to go to that area of the rooms where these wire are spread over.

For Accurate Mapping:

  • Do several cleaning sessions a day.
  • Avoid placing dark or patterned carpets.
  • Remove mismatched surfaced furniture especially low-lying furniture.

Clean Roomba Wheels

Sometimes, the noise is coming from the wheel or the axle part of the wheel, and Roomba squeaks.

The wheel may be jammed or hair may be stuck in the middle of the wheel and its installation point at the device which stops Roomba to move freely in all rooms.


I)Squeaking in Side Wheels:

  • First, look at the middle hole of your Wheel where you can have access to the axle of your Roomba wheel.
  • Now, take a Dry Lubrication or Teflon film. I will suggest you use ‘Blaster Dry Lube with Teflon’ as it dries up very quickly.
  • Now, take a stray and attach it with its tip, and spray right in the center of the hole.


II)Clean Front Caster Wheel

If your Caster Wheel is not moving freely or squeaking, you need to clean it.

  • First, firmly hold this caster wheel’s assembly to remove it from the robot.
  • Push firmly on the wheel to remove it from the wheel housing.
  • Remove any hair or debris from the wheel.
  • Now, re-install the wheel into the housing ensuring that both sides of the axle snap firmly into place.
  • Now, remove dust and debris from the front wheel cavity.
  • Re-install the caster wheel assembly into Robot.
  • Congratulations! The wheel is all right now with no squeaking.

II)Clean Front Caster Wheel

Check If your Caster Wheel is not moving freely or squeaking, you need to clean it. Because otherwise, it would affect the free movement of Roomba and disturb its cleaning cycle.

  • First, firmly hold this caster wheel’s assembly to remove it from the robot.
  • Push firmly on the wheel to remove it from the wheel housing.
  • Remove any hair or debris from the wheel.
  • Now, re-install the wheel into the housing ensuring that both sides of the axle snap firmly into place.
  • Now, remove dust and debris from the front wheel cavity.
  • Re-install the caster wheel assembly into Robot.

Must set your Roomba setting to “Clean All.”

The latest Roomba robots are made to clean and map the house with their advanced AI technology. Roomba I and S series have smart and intelligent technology which allows them to map the room area and clean it accordingly.

In most cases, We have changed settings and it causes Roomba to stop working.

If you are facing issues with Roomba which is not cleaning all the rooms in the house, you must check your iRobot app on your mobile.

You might have changed the setting and somehow, you have disallowed Roomba to stop going to that room.

  • Change your setting to “Clean All

Check Virtual Wall status

Roomba users must have seen the virtual wall feature, it is really a handy feature through which you monitor and control the Roomba movement in the house.

By using the virtual wall feature, you can disallow Roomba to go to a specific area of the house.

Most people use the virtual wall feature to:

  • Stop Roomba from entering restricted rooms.
  • Avoid them bumping into unstable objects.
  • Cleaning around delicate furniture.

Reset Roomba

If you are unable to get the solution from all the above-mentioned methods, you must try resetting your Roomba which will surely help you.

  • First of all, hold on to Spot and Doc for almost 10 seconds until it gets off.
  • Now, turn it back on without the cover.
  • So, you will experience a bigger light without the cover.

(I have done this reset for my model 560 series but it is almost the same for other models as well.)

  • You should leave the button when you hear a special beep.
  • Now, your reset will be completed.
  • Make sure that you keep the Roomba on the charging base for a little longer time.

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iRobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum

Contact Roomba Support

If you have tried all the approaches mentioned above and cannot find the solution, this indicates that the problem is in your device by the factory. You must contact the official support of Roomba. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Roomba to clean a new area?

All you have to do is press the Clean button. Roomba vacuum will go all over the home and clean all the rooms. When it has completed 3-5 cleaning cycles, its AI system will be trained. 

But, make sure that you don’t mess up your floor with obstacles and tiny objects which cause Roomba to not function properly.

Can I pick up my Roomba and move it to another room?

You should locate the Roomba charging station where it is easy to come back for Roomba. Roomba trains automatically itself and learns the map through its AI system.

How do I stop Roomba from going to a certain area?

You can use Virtual Wall mode by Roomba which enables Roomba not to go into that restricted area.

Does Roomba learn the layout of your home?

Roomba automatically learns the map through its AI system. It typically takes three to five cleaning missions or Mapping Runs to generate a fully developed Imprint™ Smart Map.

How does Roomba know where to go?

A Roomba is equipped with Sensors and Infrared technology to navigate through the entire home. Cliff sensors basically detect the object edges and staircase. Bumper sensors sense any objects in their path.

Can Roomba go over rugs with fringe?

  • A short fringe over rugs doesn’t create a problem for Roomba.
  • A long fringe over rugs is displaced by the Roomba.

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