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What Channel Is Peacock on DIRECTV | Unlock Mystery

What Channel Is Peacock on DIRECTV
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You may find it hard to keep track of all streaming services to find your favorite shows and movies. One streaming service which became popular among the masses is Peacock.

Peacock is the premium video streaming service run by NBCUniversal. But, if you are a DirecTV Subscriber, you might be wondering what channel Peacock is on. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one as It doesn’t have a fixed channel. But stay tuned, we will explore ways you can still watch Peacock on DirecTV.

Key Solution Points::

  • Download Peacock on Your TV
  • Install Peacock TV with Amazon Firestick
  • Install Peacock TV and stream via Xbox
  • Why Peacock is a must-have streaming service
  • Channels to watch on Peacock TV

How To Get Peacock On DirecTV?

  • To get started, find or download the Peacock application on your device
  • You may head directly to PeacockTV.com.
  • Enter your email address to create a Peacock account.
  • Now, you’re ready to watch!

But, you may be unable to download Peacock on your older version of the TV model. Luckily! You don’t need to worry as a streaming device will help you to download Peacock on your TV to stream your favorite and original content.

A streaming device such as Amazon Firestick and etc is recommended test one and it performs very well without creating any compatibility issues.

Alert: Your TV must have an HDMI port in order to attach a streaming device and download Peacock on your TV. Fault HDMI causes TV Keep turning off.

How to Install Peacock TV on my Firestick

Amazon Firestick functions as a streaming device and it connects to the HDMI port to your TV and bypasses the operating system of your device. So, first, configure it and then download Peacock on DirecTV.

  • Configure Amazon Firestick on your Device
  • Go to Amazon Firestick Menu.
  • You will see a play button, click it to access the Fire Stick setup screen.
  • Now, you have to select the language which you want to use.

The next step is the configuration of the Internet with Amazon Firestick. It will auto-search for the networks available. Just put the password of your internet connection and you are all set to go ahead.

  • Now, follow the instruction on the screen and register.
  • Access Peacock TV on Amazon Firestick,
  • First of all, go to the settings button or Gear icon.
  • Now, click on My Fire TV.
click on My Fire TV
Developer option
  • Make sure that ADB Debugging is turned on.
ADB Debugging
  • Click and enable “Install apps from unknown resources
Install apps from unknown resources
  • Now, Go to the Home page and click on Downloader or Search Downloader.
  • Go to Browser option and write this URL. (https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/peacock-tv-llc/peacock-tv/)
go to apkmirror
  • Now, you can install “Peacock TV” on Amazon Firestick.

Did you know?

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, was named after the network’s iconic logo of a colorful peacock. The logo was first introduced in 1956 and was used to represent the network’s commitment to broadcasting in color.

Today, Peacock offers a wide variety of content, including original programming, classic shows, and movies. Unfortunately, Peacock is not currently available on DIRECTV, but you can still enjoy all the great content it has to offer by streaming it on the Peacock website or through the Peacock app on compatible devices.

So, even though Peacock isn’t on DIRECTV, you can still spread your wings and enjoy all the colorful entertainment it has to offer! Don’t worry about about commercials as you can mute TV commercials.

Watch Peacock Using Game Console (Xbox)

Everyone has an Xbox that can be used to watch Peacock TV. Just follow instructions according to different gaming consoles such as Xbox.

  • Watch Peacock With Xbox OneFirst, download and install the Peacock app from the Xbox Store.
  • Now, Launch it from your home screen.
  • Sign in with your account information or create a new account.
  • Now, You can browse and watch content available on Peacock which you can stream also to your TV.
  • You can also use your Xbox One’s voice commands with Kinect for control back if it’s connected to your console.


7 Reasons Peacock on DirecTV is a Must-Have Streaming Service

Free Subscription

Peacock comes up with both free and paid versions. But, people who want to watch high-quality streaming on their devices and don’t wish to pay for them, can also avail of Peacock absolutely free.

Live TV

They have also added a Hallmark channel right before Christmas making it the most affordable way to watch Hallmark Christmas movies. It comes with full-fledged features similar to what you get on cable.

They are also providing local NBC stations offering a full 24/7 live feed included with a premium plus plan. This is very similar to what Paramount Plus has done with CBS. Peacock has done this impressive step with their Live TV going progressively.

Live TV

Excellent Catalog of Movies

Peacock has this wonderful feature that enables you to stream your favorite movies. They had Old Alfred Hitchcock movies and it’s a home for theatrical releases from universal pictures.

Jurassic Park Sequel and Minions are recent movies going blockbusters all around.

Excellent Catalog of Movies

Home To NBC and Bravo Shows

It’s the exclusive streaming home for current season shows from NBC and Bravo. Now, Previously Hulu has the streaming rights. But, NBC Universal has purchased rights. If you are a fan of real-life movies, Bravo has “The Real Housewives” in Peacock.

Live Sports

Peacock has live sports. It’s where you can stream night football, soccer and wrestling live for free.

Live Sports

Live News

You can get both Local and National News. You can find a 24/7 live feed of their Digital channel of NBC News.

Peacock Has Yellow Stone

Peacock is the streaming home for Yellow stone even though it is made by Paramount.

Difference Between Peacock and Peacock Premium?

Plan Price

This basic plan is absolutely free. You will see plenty of ads that you would in the free version — five minutes per hour or less, according to the company.

Peacock Premium costs $5 a month or $50 a year. Upgrading gives you everything you would get in the free tier and more, for a total of about 20,000 hours of content. 


The main difference between Peacock and Peacock Premium is the type and amount of content available. Peacock offers a variety of programming, including popular NBC shows, classic movies and TV shows, and live sports. 

Peacock Premium offers all the content available on Peacock, but without ads, and also offers additional content such as next-day access to current seasons of popular shows, early access to some new shows, and exclusive Peacock Originals.

What channels can you watch on Peacock?

Peacock is a streaming service from NBC Universal that offers a variety of programming from various channels and networks. Some of the channels and networks that you can watch on Peacock include


Peacock has a wide selection of shows from NBC, including current and past seasons of popular shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

USA Network:

Peacock offers a variety of shows from USA Network, including current and past seasons of shows like Suits, Psych, and Burn Notice.


Peacock offers a variety of shows from E! such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Botched, and The Soup.


You can watch shows from Bravo, including current and past seasons of The Real Housewives and Top Chef.


Peacock has a selection of shows from Telemundo, including telenovelas and other Spanish-language programming.


Peacock has a selection of shows from Syfy, including current and past seasons of shows like Battlestar Galactica, The Magicians, and The Expanse.


Peacock has a selection of animated shows and movies from Dreamworks, including Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and How to train your dragon.

Peacock Original programming:

Peacock also offers exclusive original programming, such as Brave New World, The Capture, and Psych 2: Lassie Come Home.


Peacock is not currently available as a native channel on DirecTV. But, there are a few ways that can be used to watch Peacock TV if you are a DirecTV subscriber.

  • Download Peacock TV on your Device.
  • Use a streaming device such as Amazon Firestick
  • Download app via Xbox and watch Peacock TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Shows will be Free on Peacock?

With Peacock Free, you can also watch Universal Pictures movies (like Evan Almighty), Saturday Night Live, NBC’s daily news content, and select episodes of the app’s exclusive content (like the new season of AP Bio).

Who Gets Peacock For Free?

Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus plan both come with a free seven-day trial for new subscribers. If you already subscribe to Xfinity internet or DirecTV cable you get Peacock Premium for free with your current subscription.

How Do I Get Free Peacock Premium?

For Android users, Google and NBC are offering Peacock Premium completely free for three months. After signing up on an Android device, you’ll get an email with a redeemable code to get the free three months of Premium. That offer code, though, must be redeemed within about a month of when you first sign up.

How can you Upgrade to a Peacock Premium Plus?

If you want to upgrade your plan and shift from the premium plan to the premium plus plan, just sign in to your account first. Now, navigate to “Plans and Payments.” Here you will select your already upgraded account.

Now, you can choose “Premium Plus Plan.” It will enable you to enjoy ad-free content for almost up to 60,000 hours.

Will Peacock be available on DIRECTV in the future?

It is uncertain if Peacock will be available on DIRECTV in the future.

Does Peacock have Local Channels?

Peacock, TX 79542 As streaming becomes more and more popular among cord-cutters, these services are starting to carry live local TV channels just like Cable TV always has. Streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now usually have free trials and month-to-month contracts.

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