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Vizio TV Blue Tint | Fix Blue Screen of Death

vizio tv blue tint
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Vizio TV Blue Tint is one of the common issues that Vizio users face and has many causes. It is basically a blue background display on your TV while your TV’s backlight is in working condition. The screen starts to appear blue all over, which is caused by LEDs wearing themselves out over time.

When I tried to fix the issue, I found some obvious causes as mentioned below.

  • Color Temperature Settings
  • HDMI CableBacklight
  • Signal interference
  • Outdated Software
  • Damaged Hardware in TV
  • Faulty Backlight

VIZIO 40-inch D-Series

How I Fix Vizio TV Blue Tint | Blue Screen of Death

Power Cycle Your TV

To power cycle your TV, simply pull the power cable out of the power supply unit and leave it like that for any time between a minute to three. This should provide enough time for the TV to resolve any persisting temporary issues and clear the cache.

Putting the power cable back in would restart the TV and hopefully solve this blue screen issue.

Check HDMI Cables

If your TV has somehow ended up having loose cables, then it would show a blue or black screen but with otherwise normal functioning. This means you can navigate through the TV’s content and menu if you are experienced enough.

Usually, HDMI cables have the following issues:

  • Faulty HDMI cable
  • Loose Connection of TV with HDMI cable

Usually, there are multiple input connections such as HDMI1, HDMI2, and HDMI3. Make sure that you plug in the right input source. You may try changing it to an alternate port.

Now, find any content optionally by installing third-party apps on Vizio TV, play it, and see if there is any sound coming. Try raising the volume as well. If there is sound, this is very well the issue with loose cables which could be solved by taking out the cables and fitting them back firmly into their respective ports.

Reset Picture Settings

As I have mentioned above, your Vizio TV’s picture settings might have caused a blue screen to appear on the display.

  • Go to PictureMORE > Reset picture mode.
  • First, change Brightness and turn it down to 90%.
  • Change your Baclight to 5-10%.
  • Change the Color Temperature by sliding it over to the middle and then towards the left for warmth.
  • Try turning off the Ambient Light Sensor.

This can be fixed by simply changing your ‘Picture Settings’ to ‘Default’.

Best Picture Settings for Vizio Smart TV

  • Picture mode
  • Sharpness at 0
  • Backlight
  • Contrast at 100
  • Brightness at 50
  • Color at 50
  • Hue at 0
  • Gamma 2.2
  • Tint (G or R) at 50 range
  • Black details Off it
  • Active LED Zones Off
  • Clear action Off

Update Vizio TV

Outdated software causes many issues which may harm your TV as well. You must ensure that you update your Vizio TV’s firmware to keep your TV error-free. Follow the steps mentioned below to update your Vizio OS.

  • Step 1: Press the V key on the Remote
  • Step 2: Select Settings from the menu
  • Step 3: Select Check for Updates
  • Step 4: Proceed by selecting the update
  • Step 5: Confirm by noticing the Update successful message

Check Connected Devices and Apps

You might find opening a specific app or going into a specific section of the TV provides you with a blue screen of death, which would make it easier to decide what is causing the issue. When found, remove the suspected app and check if it is better now.

In the case of connected devices, this could mainly be your setup box or anything responsible for displaying output through your TV screen. You can try unplugging your setup box and notice if the blue screen of death reappears next time.

Check Damaged Components

If you feel certain parts or components of your TV are damaged then there is not a lot of option left other than to change it. For instance, if your suspect the issue is with your inverter board, there is a nice way to confirm it.

Get a bright flashlight and stand a little away from your TV screen. Flash the light on the screen and look for any potential images of logical shapes on the blue screen. If you can see it, this means the inverter is incapable of producing brightly lit images.

Change the inverter board or other components this way to fix this issue.

Fix Faulty Main Circuit Board / Mother Board

Every device has a motherboard. If the motherboard of your TV is damaged, then it is only reparable by completely swapping it with a new one. As we mentioned earlier, this could be due to a lot of reasons including voltage fluctuations.

However, changing a motherboard is no simple task and it is advised to call a proper technician for the task, along with selecting the right motherboard for your Vizio TV.

Check for Signal Interference

If none of the above solutions work, the last step is to check for signal interference. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off all other electronic devices in the room.
  • Keep out Radio waves generating electric devices such as Microwave ovens.

Factory Reset Vizoi TV

  • Press the Menu button from your remote.
  • Navigate to the top left-hand corner and select TV settings.
  • Access System option.
  • Press Reset & Admin.
  • Simply press Reset your TV to its factory settings.
  • Vizio Smart TV will eventually reboot and restart.
  • Once it’s done, all the settings will be restored to the original defaults as if you just unboxed and set it up for the first time.

It’s important to note that resetting your Vizio Smart TV to its factory settings will erase all personalized settings and preferences, including Wi-Fi settings and app logins. So, make sure to have this information on hand before resetting.

Contact Vizio Support

Trying to open the TV and remote or replace its components without official help could mean you are voiding the warranty of your Television. We will suggest you always make sure to call customer support if your TV is in the warranty period.

Vizio Contact Phone Number:
1 (844) 254-8087

Check the Backlight

The backlight is the only responsible object to control the screen lighting but you should only play with it if you have a little technical information.

  • Turn off your Vizio TV and unplug it from the power source.
  • Locate the backlight on your TV. It is usually located at the bottom or sides of the TV.
  • Inspect the backlight for any damages or signs of wear and tear.
  • If the backlight is damaged, contact Vizio customer support for repair or replacement.

Replacing Vizio LED backlight strips

Make sure that your TV is unplugged before proceeding with any repairs.

To start, remove the screws and the back cover of the TV. Then, remove the speakers from the TV and the tape. Disconnect the ribbon cables from the scan drive boards and remove the tape holding down the wires.

Next, remove the cables disconnected at the mainboard and the screws along the bezel. Release the scan drive boards and gently flip the TV over and remove the bezel.


After lifting the scan drive boards, tape them to the panel using suction cups. Carefully lift and remove the panel from the chassis but tape the corners on the layers of diffusion to keep them together. Then, remove the layers of diffusion from the chassis.

Remove Vizio Panel

Now, it’s time to remove and install all of the strips on the TV. For the sake of time, we will not cover this step in detail. Simply remove the reflector sheet which is taped to the LED strips. Removing the reflector sheet should be done very carefully and slowly. If the paper rips in just a few places, you should not notice it on the screen.

Remove sheet stips

Once you have put everything back together, disconnect the LED strips from the power cables. Remove the screws that hold the LED strips in place and lift and remove the strips from the chassis. The strips may have tape on the back of them holding them to the chassis.

Remove the tape and install the replacement strips. Connect the strips to the power cables, insert the screws to secure the strips to the chassis, and reinstall the reflector sheet.

Connect the strips to the power cables

Reinstall the layers of diffusion and remove the tape in the corners. Reinstall the TV panel and remove the suction cups. Make sure all of the tabs align properly on the sides of the TV panel before installing the bezel. Doing this improperly may result in damaging the TV.

Reinstall the bezel, release the scan drive boards, and realign them in the clips. Reconnect the t-con board to the scan drive boards, reinstall the speakers, and connect the cables. Finally, reinstall the back cover and the screws.

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