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7 Things to Know Before Buying a MacBook

Things to Know Before Buying a MacBook
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If you’re planning to buy a laptop, the chances are you end up picking a MacBook. All Apple products come with an intuitive operating system and sleek design, and the MacBook is one of them. Hardware configuration is another aspect that will grab your attention. 

Before you buy the MacBook, there are several things that you should know to make an informed purchase. Learning about the educational discounts and processing power available on different variants will help you pick the specs that are right for you. 

Let’s discuss what you need to know about MacBooks before buying them. 


In 2020, Apple launched the Silicon chip and moved away from Intel processors. These chips are more power-efficient and include unified memory and better security. The never-seen-before chip-enabled all Apple devices to share a common architecture. 

Due to the common architecture, developers are now able to optimize their apps more easily. Older Intel-based Macs have their own benefits, as they allow you to install Windows with Boot Camp, Silicon MacBooks are simply efficient, so opt for the latter one.

Ports & Connections 

When working on MacBooks, you will need to connect multiple peripherals to keep the work going. Both MacBook M1 and M2 come with only two Thunderbolt-enabled USB-C ports and an audio jack. In that case, you may turn on AirDrop on Mac to share files wirelessly. 

MacBook Pro, both 14-inch and 16-inch, gives you multiple connectivity options that include three USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4, an SD card slot, an HDMI port, and a MagSafe port for charging. Identify what ports you need and pick a MacBook that fits your needs

Display Size and Resolution 

When buying a MacBook, the display and quality or resolution should be the top concern. Most MacBook models in the current lineup feature a Retina display; some variants are better than their counterparts, so dive through the details before buying one. 

For example, the 16-inch and 14-inch models feature a ProMotion display that supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. If you are a graphic designer, a photographer, or someone who is concerned about color reproduction, the mini-LED panels will impress you. 

RAM and Storage

Your MacBook’s memory and storage specifications describe its performance after the processor you select. When it comes to processors, you would want to buy the best option that can give you the highest performance within your budget. 

M1 MacBook base models come with 8 GB memory and 256 GB storage, appropriate for users who don’t require working with intensive apps. Depending on the budget, you can opt for 16 GB RAM if you’re a video editor, developer, animator, or filmmaker. 

New or Used 

Most users spend considerable amounts of time thinking about whether they should buy a new Mac or get a used one. However, the decision should be pretty simple. If your budget allows you to buy a new MacBook, avoid buying a used laptop. 

Now only a new MacBook is less prone to security issues, but it gives you a one-year warranty that covers most hardware and software-related issues. AppleCare+ Warranty gives you peace of mind that you won’t spend anything out of your pocket if any problem pops up. 

AppleCare + Subscription

On buying a new MacBook, you get a 1-year AppleCare warranty which you can extend for as long as three years. Buying AppleCare Plus can be expensive as you need to pay more money upfront, and it can be difficult to handle the repair costs later. 

MacBooks usually perform excellently and are not likely to display any hardware or software errors. However, repairing a damaged Mac can be too expensive to deal with. So, make sure to buy extended AppleCare Plus plans as per your budget. 

Education Discounts

If you are a college student, you can save money with Apple’s Education Pricing plans on purchasing a new MacBook or other Apple products. The special education discount is available exclusively for university students and staff. 

With this discount offer, students can save $100 on MacBook Air M1 and M2. Student discounts are available on iPads too. So if you are a student, don’t forget to carry your university ID to the store when buying a MacBook. 

The Conclusion 

When you are planning to buy a MacBook, wait for seasonal offers and discounts to bag the right deal. Apple Silicon MacBooks give you the best performance ever, and each model comes with an excellent resolution display.

With a little more budget, you can buy a MacBook Pro. Since these devices are designed with professional tasks in mind, they deliver performance par excellence. Regardless of the MacBook model you purchase, don’t forget to power it with AppleCare Plus plans. 

So, keep these things in mind when you are in the market to purchase a MacBook. Keep your budget in mind when selecting your new laptop, and try not to exceed the limit.

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