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Samsung Dryer Not Heating | Fix in Seconds

Samsung Dryer Not Heating
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Samsung makes Quality appliances that we have trusted for decades. Samsung Dryer has been their top-of-the-line product. But, I got some issues with my new Samsung Dryer and it is not quite heating, not drying clothes, and even making loud noises.

Potential Problems:

  • The heating element in your Samsung Dryer is broken.
  • The thermal Cut-Off Fuse is Burnt.
  • Air Vents are not clean
  • Cycling Thermostat/Thermistor is not working.
  • Gas Coils are not efficient enough.

Key Solution Points:

  • Replace the Heating Element
  • Inspect the thermal Cut-Off Fuse
  • Check Voltage in Samsung Dryer
  • Clean the Clogged Dryer Vent
  • Check and review the Installation
  • Moisture Sensors need to be cleaned.

How To Fix Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Check Thermal Fuses and Thermostat

A thermal fuse or thermal cutoff is a safety device that opens circuits against overheat. It detects the heat caused by the over-current due to a short circuit or component breakdown.

Thermal fuses do not reset themselves when the temperature drops like a circuit breaker would. A thermal fuse must be replaced when it fails or is triggered.

Two thermal fuses and a high-limit thermostat can be tested using a continuity test.

Turn the multimeter on continuity settings and place the probes on each of your component terminals. Each component will give you a beep while testing using a multimeter. 

continuity test using multimeter

If the Thermostat or Thermal Fuse fails, any of the following things may happen:

  • Your dryer may not produce heat.
  • You will notice an error code on your control panel that starts with either ‘h’ or ‘t’
  • The dryer will produce heat when it’s not supposed to do that.
High limit thermofuse
High-limit thermal fuse
high limit thermostat
High-limit thermostat

If you don’t hear a beep, it means the thermostat or fuse is blown and it can only be replaced. Before replacing, note what really causes the dryer to overheat. It could be any of the following:

  • Shorted/Burnt Heating Element
  • Clogged Exhaust venting
  • A bad main control board

Check Burnt Heating Element

First, unplug your Samsung Dryer. Take the top off and fold it up. Now, get the front part off your Dryer by opening all seven screws and putting off the door unit.

Heating element coil wire

Now, remove the wire harness and reach to Heating Element to find out why the Samsung dryer not heating.

You can perform different tests to check for bad Heating Elements. Here is the continuity test.

Continuity Test

  • Place digital meter probes on each of the heating element terminals. You will hear a beep sound.
  • Now, test to see if the heating element is shorted out by placing one probe on the heater metal casing and the other probe on each of the heating element terminals. If you hear a beep, it means that element is shorted out and needs to be replaced.
  • Next, test the heating element for the correct resistance by setting the multimeter to OHM settings. 
  • Place digital meter probes on each of the heating element terminals.
  • You will get about 8 OHM to 10 OHM reading. If it is out of this range, it means that your Heating element is defective.
test burnt heating element

The Heating components can be found on two assemblies within the dryer.

Heater assembly
  • It produces heat. It contains the Heating element, High Limit Thermostat, and High Limit Thermal Fuse.
  • The heating element is the coil wire located inside the heater assembly and uses electrical resistance to produce heat in the dryer.
  • The High Limit Thermostat cuts off power to the heating element when it reaches a maximum temperature.
  • The High Limit Thermal Fuse will kill power to the heating element if the heating element shorts out or if the high-limit thermostat fails to regulate the elements’ maximum temperature.

Motor assembly
  • It blows the heated air through the dryer. It contains the Thermistor and high-limit thermal fuse.
  • The thermistor on the blower housing reads the air temperature blowing through the dryer and sends the temperature reading back to the main control board.
  • The thermal fuse on the blower housing will cut off power to the heating element if the temperature inside the dryer gets too hot.

Inspect Thermistor/Thermosat

Thermistors are a type of semiconductor that react like a resistor sensitive to temperature – meaning they have greater resistance than conducting materials, but lower resistance than insulating materials.

To establish a temperature measurement, the measured value of a thermistor’s electrical resistance can be correlated to the temperature of the environment in which that thermistor has been situated.


A bad thermistor can be found using the OHM test. Unlike Thermostats and Thermal fuses, you cannot inspect a thermistor using a Continuity test.

When testing with a multimeter, the resistance value of the thermistor varies depending on its temperature.

You can see the chart below to see Resistance values at different Temperatures.

Resistance values at different Temperatures

Test the thermistor by using a multimeter setting its Knob to OHM setting.

Now, touch the probe to each terminal at room temperature. The thermistor must have a reading of just over 10k OHMs.

Check Voltage in Samsung Dryer

If your Samsung dryer is not heating up and you have also checked its Heating element, Thermistor, and Thermal fuses, the issue might be a poor power supply due to inefficient house wiring or the grid not providing enough voltage.

Samsung Dryer needs a total of 250V in total otherwise Heating element may not work properly even causing damage to different parts of the heating element in your dryer.

Clean Out the Ventilation

Samsung dryer comes equipped with vent sensors. If you are having a heating problem with your dryer due to blocked air vents, don’t need to worry.

All you need to do is to clean your vents. Because blocked vents can create a number of problems.

  • Clothes are not drying completely and remain damped after drying.
  • Drying takes longer than usual.

This is because the dryer needs airflow to dry your clothes completely and blocked air vents prevent that.

  • First, unplug your dryer.
  • Double check the lint filter inside the machine is clear. Otherwise, you need to clean it.
lint filter
  • Now, check the vent pipe at the back of the dryer.
  • Disconnect the vent pipe and check for any lint blockage there.
  • Remove lint from the pipe and from the machine.
vent pipe

Control Board Heater Relay

The control board is basically the brain of your Samsung dryer which has a lot of electrical components controlling your Samsung dryer.

The relay on the control board is dedicated to supplying power to the heater. Usually, an issue is in the relay which may get failed and cause the control board to not provide power to the heater.

You can fix Heater Relay but it requires some professional technicalities who is why it is recommended to replace the main control board altogether.

samsung dryer control board

Cycle the Circuit Breaker

  • First, Turn the circuit off. 
  • Now, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.
  • Electric dryers have two circuits. In most homes, these circuits are connected so that they will trip together.
  • One of the circuits may trip which will cause the dryer not to generate heat.
  • You can replace the circuit only and can enable your dryer to work and heat again.

Check the Igniter

If you have Gas Dryer, you just need to check this point as well and ensure that the igniter works.

  • First, press the power button and check if the igniter works.
  • If it doesn’t work, you need help from a professional technician to make it glow again.

Check the Gas Valve Coils

If your igniter is working well but the dryer is not performing due to the Gas system not functioning.

  • Now, it requires the whole Gas Valve system to be replaced.

Request Service

If you continue to have no hot air at all coming from your dryer, visit Samsung Support Center to request service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Samsung dryer only blowing cold air?

One of the heating element failures can result in cold air blowing by Samsung Dryer. It could be an issue in either Thermostat or Thermal Fuses.

Is there a reset button on the Samsung dryer?

No, you can perform a power cycle.

What is Samsung Dryer Heater Error Codes?

Samsung Dryer Heater Error Codes:
HC = High-temperature heating check
TS = Thermistor Short (resistance too low)
TO = Thermistor Open (resistance too high)
TC or tC5 = Thermistor Error (resistance too high or too low)

How long do Samsung dryer heating elements last?

The heating element can last up to 15 years if used under normal conditions.

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