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Roomba Error 1 | Fixed Move Roomba to a New Location

Roomba Error 1
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Roomba Error 1 symbolizes the Wheel Sensors Errors, particularly the one which says that wheels are stuck. It still creates errors even after you clean them. Usually, one wheel either right or left gets stuck causing Roomba to stop performing.

You can identify the error from the Roomba which will sound a beep and says “Error 1
This article is going to explain Roomba Error 1, possible issues, and the relative solutions to fixing the problems.

How to fix Roomba error1

1. Fix Jammed Roomba Wheel (Clean up obstruction)

  • Please follow the steps below 
  • First of all, take a little screwdriver which you need to open the Roomba.
  • Flip and turn back your Roomba.
  • Now, open all the screws and open the back cover.
open screws of wheel around
  • Pull out the battery and a side little brush carefully.
  • Now, you have to pull the wheel out. It has screws around it. Pull them out and draw the wheel out. 
wheel sensors error 1
  • You will listen to a clicking sound to identify which wheel has got the error.
  • You may observe screws around wheels, don’t forget to open them and do it carefully as they are a little delicate, and you may break the circuit board around.
  • Here you can see a tiny thing, it basically tells the sensor if the wheels are stopped or not. (You can say it is a little aluminum pen that acts as a trigger and may get bent)
wheel sensor place
  • You need to straighten the little trigger up and push it a bit.
  • Now, try to push that trigger, it will now click perfectly.
  • Tighten all the screws of the wheel which were jammed and cover them completely.
Check if Romba wheel clicks properly

2. Move the Roomba to another place

Roomba has a front big wheel which guides the Roomba to take, move and direct towards any position. It all works with the help of sensors within Roomba.

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You might have seen the Roomba side wheel and brush which keeps the Roomba in balance. If Roomba runs on an uneven surface area, it causes hurdles in its smooth working and its wheel may get jammed.

Please follow the steps mentioned below in order to fix error 1.

  • First of all, move your Roomba and place it anywhere middle of the room and make sure there are no hurdles around.
  • Now, you can restart the device and start cleaning again.

Note: Make sure that you first check its wheels, whether they move freely and you don’t feel any hurdle in the wheel. You must check the floor surface area is clean and there are no ridges.

3. Clean Roomba Apartment Completely

If you have not opened your Roomba device for a long time, you just need to clean the whole device completely. Basically, dust and dirt particles stick in there for a long time and they impair and block its working.

Take a vacuum cleaner and go through all the surface area below the back cover thoroughly. You should clean the sensors and flip sensors in your Roomba properly to wipe out the dust all around. Make sure that you place the wheel back after fixing it in the first step when you are done cleaning Roomba.

4. Use Genuine Battery

A genuine battery runs for a long time and gives a premium performance to the device. If you are using a fake or non-trusted battery, it may impair its working performance and may stop the sensors realize whether there is any error in the wheel which has jammed it forcing the device to say, ‘Move Roomba to a new location.

Don’t ever buy any cheap products/accessories to use with your original and expensive branded products. They will always harm your device and you cannot get smooth performance consistently for a long time.

Roomba genuine battery

Always use genuine parts, batteries, and other accessories recommended by Roomba. Because local or fake batteries may work for you for a while but the Roomba will soon stop detecting non-original batteries and it will not work.

5. Cleaning cliff sensors

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to clean cliff sensors (outside of sensors)

  • First of all, remove the dustbin.
  • Now, remove the battery cover (4 screws).
  • You can remove the battery.
  • Remove the bumper trim (8 or 10 screws).
  • Check sensor from the body of the Roomba using a flat head screwdriver.
  • Carefully separate the clear portion of the sensor from the black portion of the sensor.
  • Wash and dry the clear portion of the sensor with a cotton swab.
  • Blow the dust out of the black portion of the sensor.
  • Reinstall the sensor (excessive force may be required).
  • Wiggle the sensor to ensure it has snapped into place fully.
  • Repeat for other sensors.
  • You should now reassemble the Roomba.

6. Clean Charging points of Battery

First of all, you will see four screws on each corner on the back of the Roomba which has placed the battery fixed in its place. You have to loosen all the screws one by one. Screws are not pulled out. They just get loosened and the outer part comes out wholly.

pull out screws of Roomba

Now, you will pull the battery out and clean its surface points with a clean cloth. You will place the battery again in the compartment. Here, you will see a little brush that you have to hold, keep and pull upward.

pull out screws of Roomba

Now, tighten all the screws and fit the cover completely. Plug the charger of Roomba with it and check whether it starts charging.

plug in the charger

How to Reset a Roomba

If you are unable to get the solution from all the above-mentioned methods, you must try resetting your Roomba which will surely help you.

  • First of all, hold on to Spot and Doc for almost 10 seconds until it gets off.
  • Now, turn it back on without the cover.
  • So, you will experience a bigger light without the cover.

(I have done this reset for my model 560 series but it is almost the same for other models as well.)

  • You should leave the button when you hear a special beep.
  • Now, your reset will be completed.
  • Make sure that you keep the Roomba on the charging base for a little longer time.

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Contact Support

If you have tried all the approaches mentioned above and you are unable to find the solution, this indicates that the problem is in your device by the factory. You must contact the official support of Roomba. 

They will surely guide you to the best and resolve your problem. Hopefully, You will get a new battery.

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You can fix Roomba Error 1 by fixing its jammed wheel and clearing the sensor which identifies all the movements to guide Roomba. You must clean the inner compartment of the Roomba to wipe out any destructive object. You should clean the battery area and always use a genuine battery. You can have a detailed look at the whole article to fix this error.

If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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Roomba battery may last up to 1-2 years. But, it all depends on the performance and utility of the device. You should carefully use it and replace the battery after a specific period to get better performance.

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