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How we Test and Review Products

Smarthome Hut does not compromise on the content produced by our experts. Product reviews on our website are passed through extensive research and they are categorized in the list based on the normal utility of the products. If you are reading our reviews and their features, you must believe that they will perform as it is in real life as seen on our website.

How Do We Choose Products We Review?

First of all, extensive research is done which gives us a rough idea of the products which are high in demand. Then, our core price control members examine the market to search for the best price products which are not separate from the products, we have short-listed in our very first research.
Now, we have a lot of data about the products of a specific niche or on a specific topic. Then, our writers pick the products based on the following qualities. They must possess all features in order to get short-listed for the review purpose.

  • They are trendy in the market and people want to buy them.
  • They are technologically advanced which means that their working mechanism or processor is enough capable to fulfill the need of the hour with respect to technology.
  • They are enough durable and have solid potential to be used for their specific usage.
  • Some products are also selected on the basis of price and features which, we categorize as “Best in Price” which is less expensive for our standard consumers.

Now, products are passed from the eyes of writers who use their previous knowledge and expertise on the topic to write reviews by utilizing the given data provided by researchers.

Who Writes The Reviews of Products Based on Research?

At Smarthome Hut, We have made a team of content writers consisting of members who have vast experience in tech and home automation gadgets and people who are fond of bringing changes to make home automated and installing security gadgets to automate security and shop owners who have experience with multiple home automated gadgets and their extensions. Because, these people also have experience talking with different consumers and taking their opinions regarding the products, they use for their daily controlling and monitoring of automated products.
So, we do not leave any room for any points which could be missed and you get the best reviews and purchase your favorite products with full trust.

What If Some Products Are Not On a List?

We test, review and write their details on the list which you see in our “Products Reviews” category. You must see at least 5 different products of different brands which are equally competitive and that’s why they have won our review test to be on the list. Make sure that you go till the end of the page to read complete information about the products. If you don’t see any product, you wish for, it does not fall under our product Review test. We recommend the products which you will find helpful, durable and enjoyable. There are thousands of products of a particular category which are narrowed down by our experts. We highly consider people’s reviews and feedback which also help us to ignore bad products.

Do you update reviews as frequently as it says on your Website?

We update our product reviews as the new version or technology is introduced in the market, making the new products to get trendy and thus they become part of our first research process to be included in our Product Reviews if they fulfill our research and test criteria.

Why do so many of your links go to Amazon?

Yes! Amazon is no 1 marketplace where you can find almost every product. Because they have strict terms and conditions regarding product authenticity and the best customer service to reach you the products right on time. But, we also have given links to other Marketplace to make you decide where to purchase the products.