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How to stream Spotify through your Mic

How to stream Spotify through your Mic
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Spotify provides a premium music service that allows you to stream music through your smartphone or desktop computer. You can download any song from Spotify and listen to them anywhere and anytime even if you are offline.

You can use your microphone to play any music. You can also play music using a microphone if you are not interested in an audio mixer. 

In this article, we will guide you in detail on “how to stream Spotify through your mic.” Our team member Hamza who is a Music lover and also streams through Spotify has helped us in writing this guide.

How to Stream Spotify Through Your Mic

Follow the steps below to stream Spotify through your mic.

Add Music To Spotify

  1. If you are using Spotify on your desktop, Just click the arrow in the top corner of the windows in Spotify Settings. Your settings window will appear on the screen. 
  2. Now, find the folder named “Local Files.”
  3. If it is turned off, just click on it and activate the slider which will enable “show local files” option
  4. Spotify can pick the playlist from the downloads option. If you want to choose a different folder, you will have to manually add it through your desktop by “Add a source” option.
  5. Now, pick the folder where you have kept your music files.
How to Stream Spotify Through Your Mic


Use Software to play music through a microphone

There are many softwares that help you in order to create different sound effects for your sound and play music through your microphone. Most professional video makers and sound editors buy expensive software like Audio Mixture

We have used some of the most popular software and reviewed them accordingly.

  • Clownfish
  • Soundpad
  • Rust Soundboard
  • Virtual Audio Cable and Soundboard
  • MorphVox
  • VoiceMeeter and Soundbar

We have made the top pick “VoiceMeeter” and found that the most successful YouTubers and sound mixers are using this software. You can create a virtual audio device with the help of various inputs and outputs.

It functions as a virtual audio mixer with the help of a soundboard and an audio cord.

How to stream Spotify through your mic[Using Voice Meeter]

You must change your default microphone settings in order to stream your Spotify through your mic with the help of Voice Meeter.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Hardware & Sound
  • Manage Audio Devices
  • Recording 

You should enable the Stereo mix option and set it as your default music.


(i) App volume and device preferences

  • First of all, go to your start menu from the bottom left corner of the windows. You must have windows 10 as this setting is available in this windows 10 version.
  • You can find the settings here.
  • Now, you can go to the system and then sound.
  • You will see Advanced Sound Options.
  • Here, you will find App volume and device preferences.

If you do not change the settings, you will experience music coming through your default speakers(headphones), you must change the setting for input.

VoiceMeeter | Setup for Beginners

(ii) VoiceMeeter

The Voice meeter acts as a virtual audio mixer with various inputs and outputs.

We have to use it as a virtual microphone to stream our Spotify music. We will be using some very important functionalities which the voice meeter owns.

  • Click A1 to select your headphones in the Voice meeter app.
  • A2 acts as a virtual audio microphone, this option is for the output(Do not touch it)
  • You can hear your Spotify music in voice meeter input A1
  • By clicking on the green circled A, you can silence the noises which the voice meeter produces.
  • The sounds keep going through the virtual microphone when the circle is colored orange.

(iii) Make Sure Spotify Is Utilizing VoiceMeeter Output

You must have to check properly that the Voice meeter is being used as an input for streaming Spotify and that your microphone will be acting as an input device.

We must ensure that the software uses virtual microphones instead of real microphones.

i) Go to your control panel

Then select your Hardware and Sounds.

You must check that the default option for the communication and audio is “virtual microphone”. Select the voice meeter as the default microphone which has any connection with this method.

ii) App volume and device preferences

First of all open App volume and device preferences.

Now, go to the voice recorder option.

Go to the Output tab and you have to change the Default to Voice Meeter Output.

You can avail of this option in “App volume and device settings.”

Your virtual microphone will record your music and you can hear it to test to check the voice picked up by the virtual microphone.

How to stream Spotify through your mic[Using Clownfish]

Clownfish is another audio mixer that is supported by Windows and macOS. You can access different voice mixes and audio effects

You can also use Clownfish on Hangout and skype as well.

Robotic, Radio, Male, Female, Baby, and Alien are some of the voice effects which you can access through Clownfish.

How To Use Clownfish Voice Changer

How to stream Spotify through your mic[Using MorphVox]

You can also stream Spotify through the mic with the help of MorphVox. You can also access it on macOS. Its free version is also available which can also create sound effects.

Its voice changer can change any voice which you play on the mic and present in different voice tones. You can also use Hotkeys to change the sound effects which makes it comfortable to make sound effects.

You can also convert your text to speech using MorphVox.


So, We have guided you about playing your favorite music with the help of the Voice meeter app, MorphVox, and Clownfish. People go with expensive speakers to perform the same task but with the help of some software like voice meeter, you can stream Spotify through Mic.

You may also go with other apps and can experience the music playing through the mic with the help of only simply following the software’s guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Spotify on Discord?

  • First download Discord on the web browser.
  • You will see connections here, click on them.
  • Go to Spotify
  • When you connect Spotify to Discord, play what you wish.

How do I start a Spotify listening party?

  • First, open Spotify on your device.
  • Now, play the song that you want and connect the button.
  • Start a remote group session when the “other device” screen appears.

How do I play music through my Voicemod mic?

  • First of all, go to and download it for PC.
  • Now, you will select your preferred microphone, if you have many, and then select speaker.
  • You can change your music or recording from properties and set the microphone to Voicemod.
  • You can now select different voice mods i.e; Helium.
  • Go to Soundboard where you can add files from your PC.
  • You just have to change your microphone to voicemod microphone.

How do I play audio through my mic?

A lot of people want to play music, and audio through their mic to enable themselves to share sound clips in their remote learning class, Zoom / Skype / Google Hangout Conferences.

  • Open Sound settings on Windows 10.
  • Go to Sound Control Panel.
  • Find whatever device is plugged into our 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Click on the device and make it Default.
  • Now go to the next tab ‘Recording’ and find Stereo Mix. (Make sure that you have enabled the disabled device by left-clicking in empty space here in the section.)
  • Now, left-click again, go to Stereo Mix’s properties and click on ‘Listen to device.’ So, any sound which goes to your speaker also goes into your headset. Now, your desktop sound will also be going to your headset.


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