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How to Automatically Mute TV Commercials

How to Automatically Mute TV Commercials
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This article explains how you can mute TV commercials. Because commercials are much annoying especially when you are watching your favorite series and suddenly commercials appear. Sometimes, commercials have changed volume from normal TV shows and serials which is really frustrating.

This matter has become so intense that you can even lodge a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission. It is basically a United States agency that overlooks the matter related to the following;

  • Television
  • Wire
  • Cable
  • Radio

They have set the rule of taking action if many people are complaining and want some changes.

Do you know: Federal Communication Commission saw a 140% increase in loudness complaints in 2020 which you can believe today by knowing the fact that the TV advertising industry had ballooned to $1b 77 years ago.

But, TV service providers have reduced both the commercials’ volume and TV volume meanwhile, overall volume change has been unchanged.

3 Ways to Mute TV Commercials

A. Mute Magic

a) What is Mute Magic

Mute Magic is a handy little box designed to automatically mute most television commercial breaks. While we cannot guarantee it will catch every commercial Mute Magic does have a high degree of reliability and will relieve you of the task of continually muting loud and bothersome commercial breaks.

Please note our recommendation 

Mute Magic must be disabled when watching movies that do not have commercials such as DVDs, HBO, TCM, and public broadcast programming. Disabling the MM will avoid unwanted muting of your program.

Mute Magic for muting tv commericals

b) When and Why to Disable Mute Magic

• As mentioned earlier, we recommend that you disable Mute Magic when watching movies or programming that does not contain commercials.

• Failure to disable MM will likely cause the audio to be muted during the program or movie and you may miss audio that you want to hear.

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Crystal 4K

3 HDMI Ports, Motion Xcelerator

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Crystal 4K

c) Disable and Re-Enable Mute Magic

  • To disable, point your remote at Mm and hold the mute button until both LEDs are OFF. Immediately release the mute button.
  • To re-enable, point your remote at MM and hold the mute button until the LEDs indicate the previously selected mode. Immediately release the mute button.

d) Three Operating Modes

Mode 1 will attempt to mute each commercial, should you manually un-mute a commercial, the next commercial in the break will be muted. When programming resumes it will be up to you to Unmute.

Mode 2 will attempt to mute each commercial break, if you manually unmute during the break it will remain unmuted until the next break. When programming resumes it will be up to you to Unmute.

Mode 3 will attempt to mute each break and will attempt to unmute at the end of the break, either by sensing the return to programming or by timing out after a reasonable amount of time.

e) Video Connection

The RCA to RCA cable is provided to supply Video to MM. 

• If Video is fed to your TV using the TV’s Video In Connector, use the supplied cable to place MM between the source of the Video (Satellite Receiver, DVR, Cable, or Converter unit), and the TV. (Video Loop)

• If an HDMI cable, or RF cable, connects to your TV, use the supplied cable to connect the Video output from the HDMI or RF source to the Video input of your TV. No looping is required.

f) Placement of IR Emitter

• Place the IR emitter (round side) close to the point on your TV where the IR receiver is located, but be sure not to totally obscure it.

• If this location is not obvious (usually it’s a small red circle), place your remote very close to the TV, and see where it functions most reliably.

g) Placement of MIC cable

The positioning of the MIC is the single most important aspect of the Mm setup.

• The MIC is extremely directional and ideally it should point directly at and be very close to a speaker.

You do not want the MIC picking up any audio except that emanating from the speaker. Loud room noise could affect the operation of mm.

B. Mutr

Mutr is also a device that mutes Tv automatically when the commercials come on and then unmutes it. It basically plugs into your Tc or Audio system. It works by Fingerprinting commercials by analyzing audio signatures while you’re watching TV.

It sends a command to your TV or Audio system To mute the TV or change the channel when commercials appear. But, remember Mutr doesn’t track your viewing habits.

Mutr uses automation to be smarter and more effective over time and it learns from its daily routine ensuring reliability.

C. Mute Daddy

Mute Daddy is actually a little remote which allows you to mute those Tv Commercials. Commercials will still play but you don’t have to be bothered by the repetitious ad.

Basically, you will enter a countdown which you will note from your screen that the ad will run in 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. Now, you will mention it in your little Mute Daddy remote and it will mute your TV when the commercial appears and turn up the volume when the commercials go.

  • First, you will program your TV by entering the code and then turning on TV.
  • You will be given a detailed sheet with codes on it for different models.
  • (1 Press = 30 seconds), (2 Presses = 60 seconds)…

D. Kommercial Killer

Kommercial Killer is a small computing project which has been computed with Raspberry Pi and Aurdino. This device basically trains itself to learn new behaviors and learn mute commands when commercials run through programs.

Its average duration to unmute is 3 minutes by default which can be configured manually.

Kommercial Killer has 3 different modules.

  • A UHF radio receiver
  • An infrared module
  • An Arduino Trinket board

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my TV get so loud during commercials?

TV commercials are a bit louder than our normal TV programs which intentionally means to hear the advertisement loudly, and clearly and keep your attention despite whatever you are working on at that time.

But, you can keep your TV volume constant if you are also facing a similar scenario or you can also mute your TV Commercials by following the above article.

How do I mute my Smart TV?

  • Press the mute button from your remote control or TV main menu.
  • Your TV sound will be muted.
  • You can press the mute button again to unmute your TV. 

Why is the background sound louder than the voices on my TV?

Your TV comes in low-fidelity speakers with High frequencies. But, the human voice tends to be somewhere in the mids.

Do soundbars help with loud commercials?

Soundbars have volume leveling technology and they are used with a multi-channel home theater to regulate the volume for different programs and commercials.

You can Use soundbars to keep volume constant.

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