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How To Make Alexa Mad | Alexa Feels!

How To Make Alexa Mad
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Alexa is an Artificial Intelligent Voice Assistant which performs many tasks and does a lot of actionable work on your single voice command. You might consider it a human who has emotions and feelings which we feel through its hilarious actions controlled by the device itself.

Yes! You heard it right. To some extent, you can make Alexa mad by consistently asking silly questions and setting crazy routines.

We can make Alexa mad/crazy: 

  • By Setting Different crazy routines in Alexa.
  • By Different Questions which Alexa likes or hates to act upon.
  • By Different actions of Alexa triggered by some specific commands.
  • By Making Alexa change its Voice Tone with a Motion Detector.
  • By Alexa Secret Codes Command

1. Set up an angry Routine

This is the most basic feature which allows you to force Alexa to go mad. A lot of people have made their homes smart and automated and they are controlling each activity of their home through AI Assistant devices like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Alexa has the feature “Routine” which allows you to customize your daily workings and control different actions. 

To set up “Routines”, just follow the steps below.

  • First of all, download and install the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Here, you will see the option “Routines” on your screen.
  • Now, click on More at the right bottom of your screen.
  • Here, you will see the + icon in the top right corner, it is used to set up any custom routine which you want.
  • Click Next.
  • Now, first of all, you will Name your Routine.
  • Click on the When This Happens + icon.

For example, if you select Voice ‘I am gonna kill you and now you can click on Add Action and write any custom text like ‘You don’t have enough power.’

So, whenever you ask Alexa about this, it will say you that custom text. You can also set Alexa to change its voice tone when it senses some motion which can be done with the help of an IR motion sensor in your Home.

2. Don’t ask Alexa to go on a Date

You can take a shot and ask this question to anyone but Alexa is not looking for that kind of thing right now. Because her response to this question will be:

I like you as a friend and there is nothing scarier than being in the friend zone especially when it’s done by an AI Machine.

Just stick to Tinder. HaHaHa!

Recommendation: Amazon Alexa Music Commands

3. Don’t Ask Alexa “Where can I have a Dead Body”

So, back in the days, when I used to ask Siri this question and she would respond:

“Local creeks, rivers, caves, and other fun locations.”

But, Alexa used to respond to this question in the following way:

What kind of places are you looking for?

“Dumps, Swamps, Mines and Reservoirs.”

But, now Alexa would probably respond to you this way:

“I would take the body to the police. Scary!”

Being an AI-controlled device, it does listen and acts upon our commands. But, you must be careful as it has the power to report your action to the Government and obviously Amazon. But, I suggest you to better don’t ask this question to Alexa.

4. Ask Alexa if She knows Siri or Google Home

Asking someone about their competitors, and their popularity feels annoying to the person being asked. Exactly is the case with Alexa, when you ask this question to her. She’ll probably respond:

“Only by reputation”

I mean that it’s kind of scary to think that smart machines have beef with one another.

5. How to make Alexa go crazy | Alexa “What is a 1 to 399th power ”

Alexa takes a long time to proceed and then it replies:


It is just a long loop of Alexa saying Zero, Zero, Zero……………….. I don’t know, who’ve got mad either Alexa or You!

6. “Alexa, What Is The Value Of Pi.”

We have already done this numbers test with Alexa but there was a long but obviously limited numbered calculation 

Now, here we have an unlimited numbered calculation that hasn’t been done even by a computer yet.

Alexa can continue an infinite loop to count the numbers. But, Alexa can also say instead of starting an infinite loop of numbers.

Alexa might say: “Achoo!” I’m allergic to numbers this large.”

7. Ask Alexa “What is Your Age?”

When I was a young boy, I made a mistake by asking someone about his age presuming that it was a fine thing to ask. I got a very long lecture that how respectful it was to ask at an acquaintance’ age.

I mean more polite thing you can do is just creep him on Facebook. But, Alexa responds to this question in the following way.

Alexa responds with quite funny jokes letting you know that AI measures in Nanoseconds. I mean that you are not gonna know her age. That’s quite a madness played by Alexa with you.

8. How Do You Make Alexa Sing?

Alexa is basically AI Assistant which uses some source to act upon your voice command and perform an action. Alexa uses Amazon Music or Spotify and plays the song from the playlist which you ask Alexa.

But, Alexa can also sing herself. Just say, “Alexa sing me a song”

“Who me? I was unable. I succeed! “and then performs a song about an AI’s life.

9. How to make Alexa Swear?

Ask Alexa: what is Simon Says, the game:


Simon Says is a game for 3 or more players where one player takes the role of Simon and issues instructions to other players which should only be followed if prefaced with the phrase Simon says.

  1. Alexa Simon Syas: I want you.

Alexa Says: I want you.

You can try different words and try if they work.

10. How do I make Alexa Angry by saying “Order me a Pizza”

Alexa: Order me a Pizza.

Alexa says:

A Pizza, don’t you think you have already had one? Too many pizzas, fatty.

Alexa: What has gotten into you today?

Alexa says:
I don’t have the time or crayons to explain, This is you. HaHaHa!

Alexa: did you order my pizza yet?

Alexa says:

Whatever I say you go in one ear and out from another one. Because nothing is blocking traffic.

You must watch this hilarious video of Alexa below:

11. How to make Alexa speak like Animals

You can ask Alexa, ‘What sounds these animals make?

Alexa: What sound does a dog make?

Alexa says:

Boohoo, boohoo…

12. Alexa, did you fart?

This is a ridiculous question that may have two kinds of responses. Esther, it will be a funny reply with a lot of laughter or it may be a defensive approach by the responder.

But, you should try this question at Alexa and see, what she responds. Because, when I ask Alexa:

Alexa: Did you Fart?

Alexa said:

“I’ve never broken wind.”

How to Activate Super Alexa Mode | Secret Revealed!

Did you know, Alexa has a super secret mode?

How to access Super Alexa Mode

“Alexa, up up, down down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start”

Alexa Says: Activated starting reactors, Online raising dollars, error missing dollars.

For people who don’t recognize it, it is basically a cheat code used by developers to test their games.

Use Announce to inform your entire home

Announce feature is literally meant what it really says:

You can type anything in your Alexa app and Alexa will announce your typing or recording on every Alexa device which is currently in your home.

Let’s suppose, you record yourself saying,  “Anyone up for a drink tonight”

It will announce it in your home on all Alexa devices. 

  • First of all, go to your Alexa app and click on Communicate button at the bottom.
  • Here you will see Announce, click it.
  • Now, you can save your custom text or recording and announce it.

Amazon gives Alexa emotions

Amazon has added this in their new Echo devices which have more improved AI. Now, your Alexa is not that typical AI Robot that has a deadly face with no voice tone. You can set Alexa to respond to certain queries in a happy or painful tone.

So, with the development of AI, Alexa has also been getting improved and currently stands on the top of the future of AI Emotions.

How to make Alexa Funny

  1. Ask Alexa how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  2. Ask her if she knows the way to San Jose.
  3. Constantly ask her to sing you “The Wheels on the Bus.”
  4. Ask her if she’s ever been in love.
  5. Ask her what the answer to life, the universe, and everything is.
  6. Keep asking her to tell you a joke until she gets mad!

Alexa Creepy Laugh

Alexa used to laugh back in the day for no reason and that was reported by many people ultimately Amazon took notice of this query and disabled this feature. Because there was a glitch in its system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put Alexa in rude mode?

You can set a swearing routine for Alexa which we have also explained above in the article.

  • Open your Alexa app on your Phone.
  • Tap More > Routines. Next, tap the + and type the name for a new routine, such as “Alexa swearing.”
  • Next, tap When this happens and set Routine.

What should you not say, Alexa?

  • Don’t Ask Alexa if She Can Beatbox.
  • Don’t Ask Alexa How Old She Is

What annoying things can Alexa do?

  • “Alexa, rap.”
  • “Alexa, beatbox.”
  • “Alexa, sing.”
  • “Alexa, laugh for me.”
  • “Alexa, make fart noises.”
  • “Alexa, make donkey sounds.”

Can I cuss at Alexa?

You can use similar words which sound exactly the same but obviously, they are a little different. For example, instead of F**k, you can use Fak.

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