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How To Listen To Music In The Shower | 10 Proven Ways

How To Listen To Music In The Shower
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Listening to music with our speaker or any other gadget in the shower might be a dangerous thing that could harm the device. But, in this modern technology era, we are free to enjoy music wherever we want to listen to our favorite songs.

Listening to music in the shower is one of the relaxing feeling which keeps us energetic and alive. It keeps you chill and gives your brain complete pleasure feel and it improves your memory.

But, most people really hesitate to go into the shower with their phones because if it slips in the water, they might be in trouble. We will guide you in this article “how to listen to music in the shower.

There are some devices that will surely help you to listen to music in the shower or in the pool and enable you to listen to music in the shower without being loud

Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers

This Bluetooth speaker solves your most significant problem of not taking your phone with you while you shower. These Bluetooth speakers allow wireless connection in the shower.

These speakers come in a variety of fun coolers and they have water-resistant silicone attached to their outer surface. They can be attached to bathroom walls, refrigerators, and other such surfaces.

These speakers enable you to control them via Bluetooth connection, no matter where you are in the house. So, you can listen to music in shower with AirPods.

listening to music in the shower

Floating Waterproof Camera

There are some waterproof cameras that help you to listen to music whether you are in the shower or you are swimming in your pool as it can float in the water like a swimmer, Interesting!

They are used by video makers while they are shooting in the water and they have no water issues.

how to listen to music in the shower with headphones

Waterproof Phones

We are living in a modern technology era where there are waterproof phones available on the market easily. You have to check the water-resistance details and their waterproof ability timings. Some mobile phones remain water resistant for only 5-10 minutes while some have the ability to be waterproof without any time limit.

shower with music

Waterproof Headphones

You can have waterproof headphones while you shower to listen to music. They are really helpful when you go out and there comes sudden rain and you have put your headphones on your head and you just want to enjoy the music without any water creating issues to your headphones. Sweat-proof headphones are also helpful as they also function as water-resistant headphones.


Musical Shower Curtain

iPad Musical shower curtains are a wonderful gadget-type thing to be in your shower room. If you have to take your mobile phone or your favorite device to listen to music, then musical shower curtains are the best choice.

You can place any of your touch devices in the curtain-specific area and they are protected by a sheet that is apparent to enable you to control the device. These curtains are also helpful in protecting your wall art or any decor in the bathroom.

Musical shower curtain

Shower Radios

One of the best music-playing devices which are also waterproof and you can keep it in your shower. You can also control it while you clean and it has both AM and FM modes available you can control its volume and you just need a suction cap to make it secure at any place in the shower. You have to place it where water is continuously flowing and it can also store power. They can be connected via Bluetooth connection.

Shower Radios

In-ceiling Speaker

It is one of the best waterproof gadgets which needs almost no place to fit in your shower area. In-ceiling Speakers give you sound in all dimensions of the shower and you experience studio sound with this tiny gadget. They are a little more expensive but they will give you a comfortable and soothing music-listening experience. It is a complete pleasure to enjoy your favorite music while in the shower which relaxes your mind and also keeps it cool.


Waterproof Bag and Smart Hook

A waterproof apparent bag can easily be installed in your shower in a horizontal or vertical way to allow you to opt for your favorite view. You can hang it with a smart hook on the wall or on the ceiling.

You can keep any of your smart devices within it and they will act as waterproof. You have to close the zip of the bag and it will become water-resistant. Now, you can enjoy your favorite music while you take shower.

Waterproof Bag

Portable Bluetooth Device

These portable devices are very flexible and can be molded around the shower and it has speakers which can wirelessly be connected to your music player. It is made out of water-resistant material and rubber to give it some stretch.

It has a firm grip on your shower and it is also very lightweight. You can enjoy your favorite music while having a shower.

Portable Bluetooth Device

Sounds Portable Speaker

This protective device gives your device ultimate protection while you are in the shower or it can also save you from any accidental damage which may occur but it will save your music players or other devices.

Its speaker system has AM and FM modes which can easily be controlled. They are very suitable when you go to the beach where there are waves and you have no option to avoid wet. These speakers offer very efficient water resistance.

You can also connect your Alexa with Spotify and listen to music from your Spotify subscription.

Sounds Portable Speaker

Benefits of listening to music while showering

  • It keeps your memory alive and enables you to live in your moments. If you are listening to happy music, you may remember some of the beautiful and happy moments of your life.
  • If you are listening to any sad tracks which can remind you of some of the heartbreaking moments of your life like any separation of your close one.
  • Water and music can both act as a source of pleasure when they are united. If you are habitual in listening to music, you may feel very joyous. It is just because of a hormone named “Dopamine” which is released to give you pleasure.
  • Music can also relieve your tiredness when you come home after a full day at work.


Listening to music while you shower keeps many advantages like keeping your moments alive and relaxing your body when you feel tired. But, you have to listen to music while following some precautionary measures. You should use some protective devices to listen to music in the shower. You can use Waterproof Headphones or Waterproof gear to keep your smart devices within them.

You will enjoy listening to your favorite music when you are taking shower without any tension of having damaged by the water your smart devices. 

I hope you have got your query well answered. If you have any other issues, please do not hesitate to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must use waterproof devices which can connect with your smartphones via Bluetooth and play music or you can also use Waterproof and portable speakers that give studio sound enabling you to enjoy music in the shower.

If your phone is not waterproof, you must use protective bags and gear to secure your phone from water and make sure the bag is apparent, waterproof, and touch-sensitive.

AirPods Pro comes with an IPX4 Rating which means that they are capable of water resistance. But, The AirPods Max is not waterproof.

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