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How to Hide Blink Camera

How to Hide Blink Camera
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If you’re using a Blink camera to monitor your property, you might be wondering how to hide it from view. Whether you want to protect your camera from being stolen or want to keep it discreet and your privacy is more important to you, there are several ways to hide your Blink camera.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a Weatherproof Housing
  • Hide Your Blink Camera with Decorative Items
  • Use Planters to Hide Your Blink Camera
  • Conceal Your Blink Camera with a Birdhouse
  • Disguise Your Blink Camera with a Fake Rock
  • Use a Tree to Hide Your Blink Camera
  • Install Your Blink Camera in a Bird Feeder
  • Hide Your Blink Camera with a Wall Mount
  • Use a Book to Conceal Your Blink Camera

12 Ways to Hide Blink Camera

Having security cameras that are too obvious can make your guests uncomfortable and can even be a target for theft. To avoid these problems, here are some tips on hiding your security cameras without sacrificing their effectiveness.

Blink Camera Ideas For Outdoors

There are several ideas for mounting your camera outside. You must carefully pick the spot which can keep them secure from strangers and cover the whole outside view of your door.



One way to hide your security camera is by using skins. Skins can be easily purchased and applied to your camera to blend in with its surroundings. The Arlo camera, for example, comes in white, which can be quite noticeable. Using skin on it can help it blend in with its surroundings, making it more difficult to spot.

camera in skin
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Another great way to hide your camera is by placing it up high in a tree. This can give your camera a broader view of your property and can capture the license plates of vehicles passing by. To do this, use a built-in stand or some props to keep the camera in place and point it down.

camera in tree


If you have your home in an area stuffed with bushes, you can find multiple spots there which are so hidden and it will be difficult as well to find those spots.


But, there may be a chance of getting your camera lens distorted by the bushes. So, try to make room to adjust your camera carefully.

camera in bushes

Under Roof

You may have seen blink cameras under a roof which is considered a hot location to monitor the coverage of all of your house. It is quite a protective place for the whole home as the outside area is under surveillance.

camera under roof

Blink Camera Ideas For Indoors

Stuffed Animals

If you have children, you can use stuffed animals to hide your security cameras. Place the camera inside the stuffed animal and cut out an eye or a small hole to allow the camera to see. This technique can be quite effective as it can easily blend in with your children’s toys.

camera in stuffed animals

Plant Inside Room

You may have seen multiple decoration pieces such as plants in your room which are quite hidden and unnoticeable places. In the below image, you can see its placement as it has also got the advantage of height.

Wall Corner

Wall is a big thing in a room and not everyone is going to point out these tiny things in their corner. So, being in a high place, it gets an edge of remaining untraceable.

Wall corners will also give you a wide coverage of your complete room. So, it is again another hot pick for your room. It will help you sneak pasting your doorbell as well.


Another great place to hide your security camera is inside a birdhouse. You can purchase a birdhouse for about $5-$6 and glue it to the top to fit a Blink camera perfectly inside.

This technique can be quite effective and can keep your camera hidden in plain sight and photage is easily viewable on your TV inside.

camera in birdhouse


Bookshelves are also a great place to hide your camera, especially if you have a small mini camera. This type of camera can fit easily between books, and it would be hard to spot, even if you’re up close.

Curtain Rod

A blink camera can easily be installed on the curtain rod to cover the whole view of your room. You can easily wrap its wire around the rod without consuming extra space.

Tissue Box

You can also hide your camera inside a tissue box, which is a cheap and easy way to keep your camera hidden. However, you’ll need to cut a hole in the tissue box, which can be a bit tricky. To make the hole blend in, use some construction paper to make it look less noticeable.

Camouflage Your Blink Camera

One of the easiest ways to hide your Blink camera is to camouflage it. You can do this by painting your camera to match the color of the surrounding area or by using camouflage tape.

Make sure to use paint or tape that won’t damage your camera or affect its performance.

Use a Weatherproof Housing

If you’re mounting your Blink camera outside, consider using weatherproof housing to protect it.

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Why Do You Need to Hide Your Blink Camera?

There are several reasons why you might want to hide your Blink camera. For instance:

To prevent theft

Visible Blink cameras can be a target for thieves. By hiding your camera, you can reduce the risk of it being stolen or damaged.

To maintain your privacy

If you’re using your Blink camera to monitor your property, you might not want others to know that you’re doing so. Hiding your camera can help you maintain your privacy.

To improve your home’s appearance

Visible cameras can detract from your home’s aesthetic. By hiding your Blink camera, you can ensure that it blends seamlessly into your property.

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