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How Long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last

How Long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last
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The lifespan of Philips Hue Bulbs (First-generation)

  • 15,000 hours or 7-8 Years

The lifespan of Philips Hue Bulbs (Second & Third-generation)

  • 25,000 hours or 12-13 Years

Philips Hue bulbs are designed to last for a long time, and their lifespan depends on various factors. These factors include the usage, the environment, and whether you have a smart bulb or fixture.

Philips Hue smart light bulbs Life

Philips Hue filament bulbs are meant to last long upto 7-8 years but they are unable to match the lifespan of Standard Philips Bulbs which last up to 15 years with 6 hours of daily usage under standard conditions.

Philips Hue light Bulb comparison to a Regular LED bulb

Philips Hue bulbs’ lifespan is 10 times better than standard incandescent bulbs in the market which shows its exceptional quality manufacturing.

Incandescent bulbs actually lose much of the energy being provided to them and are able to convert only 5-10% of energy into light. In comparison, LED bulbs are able to convert up to 90% of their energy which is why Philips utilizes LED.

Philips Hue Bulbs perform equally better as standard LED lights. So, you should always spend your money on a quality product that cannot force you to change or replace too often.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Philips Hue Bulbs:

Keep the bulbs cool

Avoid using the bulbs in an environment that is too hot. Heat is the number one enemy of LED bulbs, and it can cause them to fail prematurely.

Use a surge protector

Philips Hue bulbs are sensitive to voltage fluctuations, and a power surge can cause them to burn out. Use a surge protector to prevent this from happening.

Avoid frequent switching on and off

Turning the bulbs on and off frequently can reduce their lifespan. Instead, use dimmer switches or smart controls to adjust the brightness.

Clean the bulbs regularly

Dust and dirt can accumulate on the bulbs, and this can affect their brightness. Use a soft cloth to clean the bulbs regularly.

How often will I need to change my Philips Hue light bulb?

Philips Hue light bulb lasts from 7-8 years to 15-25 years after which you will need to replace them. But, it all also depends upon its usage and some other factors which we will discuss below.

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What factors would reduce the lifespan of a Philips Hue bulb?

Light setting

If you burn your Philips bulbs at high power, they are likely to burn out faster. Because the lighting layers break down over time which is faster when they are burnt at high power.


The lifespan of Philips Hue bulbs is affected by how often they are used. The more they are used, the faster they will burn out.


The environment in which the Philips Hue bulbs are used can also impact their lifespan. Excessive heat, humidity, and vibration can cause the bulbs to fail prematurely.

Philips Hue Bulbs Breakdown

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb
Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulb
  • Features: Lifetime: 22 years or 25,000 lifetime hours, Control Lights With Your Voice, and Simple to Get Started
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Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance
  • Features: Lifetime: 22 years or 25,000 lifetime hours, Control Lights With Your Voice, and Set the right mood
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Philips Hue White Dimmable Filament
Philips Hue White Dimmable Filament
  • Features: Lifetime: 22 years or 25,000 lifetime hours, Control Lights With Your Voice, and Easy to Setup
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Philips discontinuing Hue?

Supply chain issues and “aesthetic inconsistency” has forced Philips to discontinue its two recently launched LEDs.

Do Hue lights increase electric bill?

If you have multiple Hue lights in your house, it can make a noticeable difference and you will witness your electricity bill as well. The Philips Hue draws between 0 and 0.3 watts which, based on paying a little above average at 15 cents per kilowatt, will cost you 1.6 cents per month.

How long do Hue light strips last?

25,000 hours or 50,000 on/off cycles.

Can I use Philips Hue bulbs outdoors?

Yes, Philips Hue bulbs are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Do Philips Hue bulbs have a warranty?

Yes, Philips Hue bulbs come with a two-year warranty.

Can I dim Philips Hue bulbs?

Yes, Philips Hue bulbs can be dimmed using a dimmer switch or a mobile app.

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