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Frigidaire Freezer Not Freezing | Fixed in 8 Steps

Frigidaire Freezer Not Freezing
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If your Frigidaire Freezer not freezing, there may be multiple reasons causing this issue even by the high-quality refrigerators manufacturers. They have been very successful and popular among the masses with their refrigerator’s quality and cooling functionality. You need to identify the real cause of the issue before implementing any solution and most of the time cooling in refrigerators does not work which we will discuss in detail and refer you to the relevant solution.

10 Simple Solutions to Fix [Frigidaire Freezer not Freezing]

1. Power Bumps | Reset Refrigerator

The old appliances were electromechanical and the new ones are run by computer. So, if your frigidaire refrigerator freezer not working or not cooling well, just like your phone or computer when it stops working and you power off and power back on and it does the trick and starts working.

We get the same power bumps that will throw the computer off or something happened. One of the very first things we want to do if the refrigerator is not cooling is unplug the refrigerator, wait for five minutes, and plug it back in. Sometimes, simply rebooting the refrigerator solves the issue and your refrigerator will start cooling back perfectly.

2. Door Gasket is making Good Contact

We will first check whether the door gasket is making good contact. Make sure that door is even on both sides of the cabinet. So that we know that we are not getting air migration in or around our gasket on the front of the unit. 


So, what I will like to do is, run my hands up and down on both sides of the refrigerator cabinet in comparison to my door to check whether it is been shifted more in one way or the other.

manuaaly inspect refrigerator door to check air migration

You can lose the screws on the top of the hinge to make minor adjustments to the left or right if it is not aligned with the cabinet. 

You must inspect visually all the way around to check for any unusual differences in the alignment and make sure the door gasket of the Frigidaire Freezer is making solid contact with the metal cabinet.

Do verify that magnet under the door is making good contact with your Reed Switch down the cabinet of the refrigerator. To do this, just close the door and check whether the light turns off automatically.

magnet contacts with switch

3. Dirty Condensor Coils

Every refrigerator has condenser coils which you must check out. Now, refrigeration is a kind of misnomer thinking that refrigeration makes things cold. But, in actuality, it removes heat and transfers heat from the inside of the refrigerator, and moves that heat down to the condenser coils.

Refrigerators absorb heat from food items and transfer the absorbed heat to the condenser coils.

condenser coils get dirty of referigerator

So, if those coils get dusty or dirty or vent holes that lead the air into the back of the unit in and out get clogged with dust and dirt which causes them not to cool efficiently. It generally doesn’t stop but definitely, it slowers the cooling down

Clean Condenser Coils

  1. You can clean condenser coils by following the steps mentioned below.
  2. First of all, turn off your refrigerator.
  3. Now, you will see an access panel on the back of your refrigerator.
  4. You need to remove the front cover by loosening all its screws.
  5. Now, clean all the coils with your coil brush and wipe out all the dust.
  6. Make sure that you don’t leave any dirt particles behind, you may use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  7. Now, cover the access panel and tighten all the screws back.
  8. Now, You are Done!


4. The gasket shouldn’t be loose

Make sure that gasket of the refrigerator is snug and it doesn’t get loose from any side of its fitting. You can check it manually by pulling it on all the way around. This is to confirm that there is no chance of air coming in through it from the outside behind the gasket.

5. Airflow is Blocked

There are many spaces and slots in your refrigerator from where the air passes through all the way around it. So, if the refrigerator is packed too full or something in it is blocking the airflow, then surely it is going to affect cooling.

We do recommend that you don’t push things very back and touch with the back inner wall of the refrigerator and cover those vent holes. So, you should leave things just a little bit further and air will not be blocked this way and air will flow through all the items inside and cooling will be efficient.

6. Test your Start Relays

A refrigerator start relay is a device that jump-starts the compressor inside the refrigerator. If the refrigerator start relay is burned out, then the compressor may not work and the interior will not freeze.

Start Relays

What does the start relay on a fridge do?

It goes on and off during the cooling cycle, maintaining the ideal temperature inside the cabinet. For the compressor to be connected, the start relay is required, it is responsible for supplying energy to the unit. The relay is in the on/off operating command.

good and bad start relays

Here are the tests which you can perform to verify the good or bad Start Relays.

The overload has a slight rattle to it. Since combination units have an overload built into them, they will always have a slight rattle. The bad Start Relay was rattling but the good one was not.

Now, take a multimeter and set it on OHM settings or manual ranging multimeter or turn it on the lower OHM settings. Now, touch one probe to the bottom and one to the top. You should get a beep for continuity. If your OHM reading is much higher than 0.3-0.4 or you don’t get a beep for continuity, then the Start Relay is slightly bad.

multimeter checking of start relay

7. Check if Fans spinning

You have different fans within your refrigerator unit. There is a condenser fan which is very backed by the compressor and condenser coils that moves air through the condenser and also cool down your compressor.

It helps the refrigeration process and then you have fans inside the unit itself and they are called Evaporators Fans. Now, depending on if it is a dual evaporator or single evaporator, you are going to have either one or two fans possible in the refrigerator.

  • If it is a single evaporator, your fan is in the freezing compartment and it blows the air up in the refrigerator compartment and pulls it back into the freezer compartment which passes the airflow.
SIngle Evaporator
  • If it is a dual evaporator, you will have a fan in the up-and-down compartment. Both of these fans are designed to move the airflow within the air compartment in a dual evaporator
dual evaporator

If you don’t hear any fan running, it means that a particular section may not get cooled. So, make sure that you hold your light switches on these. We have a door open, listen to your fans to make sure that your fans are running to see if that is possible the cause of the problem.

8. Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature Control Thermostat is the central board that has the main passage of voltage through the main electric supply to the compressor and fan motors. You must ensure that this main central board is working perfectly to ensure proper cooling in the refrigerator unit.

You already have heard of the ‘click’ sound which is used to test whether there is any fault in this central system or not. For this purpose, you will rotate the settings of this thermostat from lower to higher. If you don’t hear any sound of ‘click’, then the thermostat is OK.

9. Inspect Condenser Fan

If the Condenser fan is not working properly, there is a need to inspect it. It may be due to a faulty fan or the motor itself.

  • First of all, power off your refrigerator.
  • Now, try to find the condenser fan spot where it is fitted.
  • You can check whether it is working and rotate it manually to identify any hindrance in its rotation.
  • If there is anything stuck over the fan, you must remove it, and if the fan is OK. you just need to replace its motor.
  • Remove all the screws securing the Condenser cover and pull the cover out.
  • Now, release the Condenser fan motor wires from the retainers and disconnect the motor wires harness.
  • Remove the motor shield screws to access the main panel and pull out the fan to use with the new motor.
  • Now, install the assembly with the new motor and connect the motor wires to the unit’s wires.
  • Replace the cover as it was already installed and fit the racks with the bumpers.

Replace Evaporator Fan

  • First, unplug your refrigerator’s cord.
  • Remove the lower basket which is usually used to store and cool out fruits.
  • Now, remove the bumpers on both the middle and lower racks which will help you to pull out the racks.
  • Remove all the screws securing the evaporator cover and pull the cover out.
  • Now, release the evaporator fan motor wires from the retainers and disconnect the motor wires harness.
  • Remove the motor shield screws to access the main panel and pull out the fan to use with the new motor.
  • Now, install the assembly with the new motor and connect the motor wires to the unit’s wires.
  • Replace the cover as it was already installed and fit the racks with the bumpers.

Frigidaire refrigerator constantly beeping | Fixed

If your Frigidaire refrigerator beeping 5 times or 3 times or you hear any random beeping, then you should follow the method mentioned below to fix it.

You will see a button on the refrigerator which is turned off and all the lights inside the unit are turned off when you close the door. But, sometimes, the door becomes a bit older and does not function perfectly which does not turn off the switch fully. This is because the door side is pushed a little bit which does not create full contact with the button.

You can use duct tape either on the button or with the door to increase the surface area allowing the button. But, I have attached it to the button to force the lights to remain turned off fully.
Hopefully, your issue will be resolved by doing this simple thing.

duct tape covering button

Refrigerator Malfunction

This is something wrong with the refrigeration system. Sometimes, it could be your compressor is not working or it could be a leak in the system. It could be that one of your evaporators makes each section cool and it could be in the freezer compartment, the evaporator is frozen up at that point.

There is nothing much that the homeowner could do and identify what is the genuine problem. I would recommend you to call an Authorised service provider or somebody who is trained in refrigeration and enable you to come out of the problem and resolve the issue.

If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to come over to the problem

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