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Alexa Spotify Commands
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Alexa can do wonders for music enthusiasts like you when it connects with Spotify. Echo devices have really changed the game when it comes to Alexa Spotify Commands… Play, Pause or Stop, Playback, Shuffle on or off, and Volume Increase or decrease.

There is something that you may not know which I’ll show you in this guide and that way, you get the most out of listening to music with your Spotify.

30 Best Alexa Spotify Music Commands

If you don’t grasp the music commands, just take a little note of this article and enjoy your favorite music while sitting on your couch.

Most of these commands work really well with Amazon Music. You can add your Spotify music app name after the command like this:

Alexa, play [song] on Spotify.

But if you have set the default music app. You don’t have to mention it every time.

Note: I will recommend you connect Alexa with your Spotify and set Spotify as your Default Music app on Alexa (Echo Device) first before you implement any command. You can follow the article mentioned below for playing any Spotify Playlist on Alexa.


How do I control Alexa on Spotify?

Play Music

If you want to play music from the Spotify app, Just say;

“Alexa, Play”

Pause Music

If you want to pause the music of the current song, Just say;

“Alexa Pause”

Resume Music

If you want to resume the current song, Just say;

Alexa, Resume.

Stop Music

If you want to stop the music completely, Just say;

Alexa, stop.

Next Track

Some people always stick to their mood choice and listen to songs of a specific genre. But, few people want to change their tastes and want to try listening to every second song.
In this case, If you want to play the second song and want to skip the current one, Just say;

Alexa next track.

Previous Track

If you want to go to the previous track, Just say;

Alexa previous track.

Shuffle Music

If you want to play random songs when you are at the party and skip the songs selection to Alexa, Just say;

Alexa shuffle music.

Play Artist

If you want to play an Artist, Just say;

Alexa play [artist name].


Songs are played by Alexa in the form of a playlist and everyone has set his own playlist and has added their favorite songs to that.

When you randomly hear the song or it just surrounds your head, you should add that song to your playlist.
To add your favorite song to the playlist, Just say;

Alexa, add this song to my [paylist name] playlist.

Song by Artist

If you want to play any specific song from any artist, Just say;

Alexa play [song name] by [artist].

Album By Artist

If you want to play the album, Just say;

Alexa play the album [album name] by [artist].

Music By Activity

If you want to play music when you are at a party or you are in the pool and want to listen to songs according to different moods and activities, Just say;

Alexa, play music for [activity].


Mood Choice

In case of mood specific, when you are welcoming the new year or celebrating your win and you’re happy or on your loss, you’re sad,
You may want to listen to songs that ease your emotions. Just say,

Alexa, play [mood choice] music.

Music For Time

This command will give you the songs just put angry, happy, or sad in place of ‘mood’, and Alexa will satisfy you with its own selection of songs.
If you are getting late for your office and want to refresh yourself, you probably want to play music for a specific time period, Just say,

Alexa, play music for [time].

Music in Time

If you want to stop the music after a certain time period. This is mostly the case when you want to sleep after listening to music and quit after a few minutes, Just say;

Alexa, stop music in [time].

Play Lyric

Sometimes, you listen to songs from anyone’s device and the lyrics just leave in your mind. You want to get that song and listen to it again and again. Alexa in this case can help you.
You should just sing the lyrics a little bit and Alexa will work for the rest.

Alexa, play that song that goes like [lyric].

Loop Playlist

Now, you can enjoy your favorite music when you don’t know the song’s name and Alexa has made it easy for you to search for the song.
If you want to loop any of your playlists, Just say;

Alexa, loop this playlist.

Guess Song

If you are listening to any random music and liked the song, you probably want to have the song info.
You may get song info from Alexa by just saying;

Alexa, what kind of song is this?


Song Guide

If you want Alexa to recommend you any song, Just say;

Alexa, recommend some new music.

Set Bass

If you wish to adjust the bass settings, Just say;

  • Alexa set bass to minimum
  • Alexa set bass to maximum

You can also have the bass set on any number.


If you want to increase the midrange, Just say;

Alexa, increase midrange.

If you want to decrease the midrange, Just say;

Alexa, decrease midrange.


Some people have one choice of mood or activity and they don’t want to change their genre. They want to stick to their choice. In this case, they can give the command to Alexa to play the songs of their specific genre. Just say,

Alexa, play [genre] music.”

Like Song

Some famous genres are as follows:

  • Pop.
  • Rap.
  • Folk.
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Hip Hop

When you like the song, Just say;

Alexa, I like this song.” 

Dislike Song

 When you don’t like the song, Just Say;

Alexa, I don’t like this song.


Create playlist

How can you create a playlist in Alexa?
This is just so simple. You have to say;

“Alexa, Create [music playlist].”

Top Hits

Alexa, the world’s leading music app displays the most popular song on its platform each day and you can also listen to it with your Alexa command. Just say;

“Alexa, Play Today’s Top Hits on Spotify”

Decade Best

You can also ask Alexa to play the best songs of the previous 10 years and Alexa will play the top most popular songs. Just say;

“Alexa, Play Best of the Decade.”

80s Hits

Alexa can also play you the 60s, 70s, or 80s songs which are evergreen and Spotify keeps them. Just say;

“Alexa, Play 80s Hits” 


“Alexa, play 90s mix.”

Wake with Song

If you want to set up an alarm and wake up to your favorite song. Just say;

“Alexa, Wake Me Up at 7 a.m. to Without Me.”

Play Artist

You can also ask Alexa to play your favorite artists. Just say;

Alexa, Play Release Radar.

Mood Choice

You can enjoy cool songs to fix your mood. You can ask Alexa to play happy, sad, or party songs. Just say;

Alexa, Play Romantic Songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa skip songs on Spotify?

Yes! Alexa can skip a current playing song if you say,

Alexa, Skip Song.


Alexa, Play next Song.

You can play the next song and go back to the previous music with a command.

How to play Spotify on Alexa from iPhone?

  • First of all, Download and install the Alexa app on your iPhone.
  • Now, Download and log in to the Spotify app. 
  • Go to the Alexa app’s settings and click on the Music and Podcasts option. 
  • Link with Spotify. 
  • Welcome! You can now use Spotify with Alexa on your iPhone.

Can I listen to Spotify on my Alexa without syncing the accounts?

Yes! you can play music from your Spotify on Alexa without attaching your login credentials to Spotify. But, you must connect your Spotify because otherwise, you have to mention Spotify with every command.

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